Thursday, 27 February 2014

Annie Hall: Deer and Doe Chataigne meet Style 4167, I just know you'll get on

Unusual for me, but I made a pair of trousers.  I am not a trouser wearer outside of work but I had a notion of these from the moment I saw the Deer and Doe Chataigne pattern.

I spent a lot of time humming and hahhing over whether to make these at all.  They took up almost 3 metres of cotton flannel fabric and I didn't want to waste that on something I would rarely wear.  However last week, I wore these three times so I think their future is safe.  

I found the Style 4167 pattern thrifting at the car boot sale (left in photo below).  Sometimes, I can look at a pattern and have a pretty good idea that it will fit me straight off.  I could see that despite the high waist, they were going to work.  I did make a test pair in old sheeting and whilst they confirmed that although such a high waist (and no pockets!) was not for me, they were a nice fit.  I overlaid the Chataigne lower leg pattern pieces over the style trouser and traced off a new front  leg and back leg. Otherwise, all the Deer and Doe pieces were from the shorts pattern- yoke, waistband etc.  Don't get me wrong, there was a lengthy fitting process which I will cover in a separate blog post, mainly reducing the width of the leg, but it was straightforward.

The Style pattern came without instructions but all the pattern pieces were complete, including that rather rocking fitted shirt which is on my never ending list of clothes to make.

I had made the Chataigne shorts before I made the trousers, I think it was over Christmas.  They were a test piece really, made with some light pink twill I bought cheaply on ebay.  I never wear shorts, I am not a fan of tights and I would never bare so much skin in cold weather (or even hot weather) but I love the style, especially the front V yoke section and they were interesting to make.  The cotton flannel fabric gave a great wool trouser look without the itchiness and is soft and warm to wear- it does however attract ever single hair and stray thread and I have a lot of both.


Deer and Doe Chataigne pattern.  Size 38 with ⅛" shaved off all side edges
Vintage Style 4167 size 12
Liberty Lawn, 'Peter Woodward' print

The best complement of all was my ta dah! moment in front Lula when she said they reminded her of an old film trailer she had watched on youtube, " I think it was called Annie Hall?".  Love her x  
And proof that vintage sensibilities are inherited.
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  1. These are fabulous trousers! I used to have a camel pair in a very similar style, long since gone. They look great on you :)

  2. They look fab on you, Kerry! Really stylish but very comfortable looking too. Rx

  3. Fabulous! They look great on you!

  4. Beautiful trousers Kerry, they suit you so well!

  5. They're absolutely stunning and look great on you!

  6. You always look so good in all your makes Kerry ! Why don't you normally wear trousers?

  7. These look fab, and I'd love to make a pair for work, but alas, I don't think i can afford the 6m or so that would be required to cover my ample posterior ;o)

  8. You look great in this pair of trousers. Love the fabric and the style.

  9. You are rocking the movie star look!

  10. they look fabulous! Fantastic :-D

  11. Great trousers ~ love the detail on the pockets ~ makes them even better!

  12. Gosh you have done an incredible job with these trousers, I really LOVE them. I also love the lining fabric you chose. Can I put an order in please!! Fabulous! xoxo

  13. You make such lovely things Kerry and these are just beautiful

  14. These trousers are just amazing Kerry - they are exactly the type of thing I would walk into a shop and say "I have to have them". Such a fantastic pair of hybrid trousers x

  15. Adorable! I just discovered you through Deer and Does blog - they are brilliant - lovely line. and great fabric! I would love to find cotton flannel which is trouser fabric - whenever I search for it on line I find the brushed stuff which I love for nighties but not for trousers.... Did you get it on line?
    I did the same thing with my chataigne, don't wear shorts, I amalgamated the lower waisted version with a pair of Project Runway widish-legged pants in a brown wool gabardine. worked great. I have also seem a couple of skirt versions through D&D's blog.

    1. Hi Francesca- Thankyou for your kind comments. The fabric details are at the end of the post with a link. Mine was from the Eternal Maker but it is available at other replaces too.


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