Tuesday 27 October 2020

My Simple Folk Applique Quilt

It's been a long time coming!  Started January 2018, finished September 2020  my Simple Folk quilt from Sarah Fielke's Block of the month 2018 is now complete.  We had a delayed weekend away in late September so I took it with us to get some pretty pictures...

It has been quite a journey working my way through all the blocks, then the lengthy assembly process but I've loved it.  I chose this block of the month because I wanted to improve my appliqué skills- all the picture motifs are needle turn appliqué and I loved how Sarah's design made the whole quilt sing rather than focusing on a centre and working outwards.  I had a clear vision for this when I started but it is so much more impactful than I ever imagined!  It was quilted by Trudi Wood and she painstakingly freehand quilted around every animal and motif and added some gentle geometric shapes around the framing shapes.  She understood exactly what I wanted when I didn't truly know what I wanted!

It was a long time coming but definitely worth it.  Sarah Fielke's block of the month combines written instructions and photos with video tutorials. She's just started trailing picture hints of her 2021 BOM on her Instagram if any of you are tempted!