UK Bra/Lingerie Supply Shops

The shops listed are either in the UK or in Europe and will post to the UK at a reasonable cost. These listings are an advertising-free zone.  I am not paid for a listing, I chose what to include according to suitability.  If you have a shop to suggest for this page, please let me know!

Shops that sell it all!  Patterns, fabrics, findings, kits.

When you got to this Swedish website, look for SVENSKA top right and you will find a language menu including English!  This is the European partner of the Canadian Bra Makers Supply website and has a hugely comprehensive selection of kits, patterns and supplies for lingerie and swimwear making.

Elise Patterns 
Run by Freya, she sells a bra pattern and a camitop pattern in her Etsy shop.

English Couture
Founded by Michelle Pye. She offers supplies, courses and patterns- most items sold individually.  Some kits available (often seem to be out of stock). Books and DVDs on bra making also sold in her online shop including The Bra Makers Manual by Beverly Johnson. Élan bra pattern

Evie La Luve
Lingerie patterns and kits designed by Hanna Victoria and available via her Etsy shop Evie La Luve DIY and limited stockists like Cotton Reel Studio.   Digital and printed patterns available.

Fit 2 Sew
Run by Mandy, Fit 2 Sew sells duplex- so hard to get in the UK!- as well as a bra kit/pattern for Beverly Johnson's Craftsy course.  She also stocks Pin Up Girls patterns, bra making kits in a range of sizes and fabrics and findings.

Make Bra is based in Finland and sells PDf and paper patterns for different bra styles, free downloads and bra kits and supplies. There are handy videos showing bra making step-by-step included foam cup bras.

Merckwaerdigh is a one woman lingerie designs and supplies business based in Holland.  Her postage rates are very reasonable and she sells a large range of paper patterns and bra kits in lots of designs and colours on Etsy.  She also sells on Dawanda.

Sewing Chest
Comprehensive bra making supplies including separate items, kits, scrap bags for bras/lingerie, patterns and corset supplies.

Vena Cava Design sells a range of bra making products, items tend to be sold separately rather than kits.  Stockist of Pin Up Girls bra patterns by Beverly Johnson. Specialist in corsetry supplies.

White Tree Fabrics
Sells a range of fabrics including stretch and mesh.  Will be starting to sell basic bra kits which use Hemline product- wires/clips/elastic.

Specialist Shops that sell Lingerie supplies, but not Everything

The Bra ShopAlison sells elastic kits on Etsy which include  the elastics needed for a standard bra plus wire casing, sliders, hooks and eye.  She sells also sells the elastics individually.  Hand dyed elastic kits are available.

Eternal Maker sells various elastics suitable for knickers/briefs

MacCulloch and Wallis
A good range of supplies but no patterns. You will find: underwires, straps, sliders, hook/eye fasteners, foam cups, a good range of elastics, powernet and other fabrics.  Also sell swimwear fabrics and findings Postage is on the high side.  Shop in West London!

Moll Elastics
Specialist elastic supplies including silicon covered elastic and printed elastic.

Plush Addict sells the occasional swimwear/lingerie spandex lycra fabric in amongst their usual range of dressmaking/craft and specialist textiles.

Sew Curvy is a one-stop-shop corset making specialist so most supplies centre around that, however lingerie accessories are available including bra elastics, foam cups, underwires etc.

Sew Easy Bristol  Good selection of bra making kits, all elastics and fabrics needed and a wide colour selection.  You will need to add a pattern and wires.

Tailor Mouse
Specialist elastic supplies for lingerie and boxer shorts.

Tia Knight Fabrics Sell a range of fashion fabrics including stretch fabrics and power mesh for lingerie making.  Also sells on eBay

For those living outside of UK and EU, Amy at Cloth Habit has lots of links to bra making supplies elsewhere in the world.


  1. Wanted to say a big thank you for this list - am just about to start my bra making journey and was thrilled to find, thanks to your list, that Fit 2 Sew sells the Craftsy Bra Making Kit. Kit and pattern have arrived and I'm hoping that 2017 is the year of the Bra for me!

  2. Thank you so much for this list. I have the "secret to sewing lingerie" book languishing on my shelf because I was so disheartened not being able to find the correct supplies to make the projects, so this has given me hope!

  3. Hi! Thank you for linking to me here (Sew Curvy) .. and opportune. I am just about to start stocking lots of proper bra making fabrics and notions :) New year new stock! Thanks again. Julia.

  4. thanks for this - my SO is going back to the UK again this year and I plan to get some things sent to his parents so that he can bring them back for me.


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