Saturday 27 March 2010

Make: Cat & Mouse Log Cabin Purse

Finished early this week.  Lula was off school poorly so I had a bit of extra time when I didn't have do school pick up.  I love making these little spring hinge purses, they make tiny bits of fabric go a long way.

I played around with the shape and put a credit card pocket in the lining.  I don't know which side I like the best.   The cat has a deviant look about it like it should be carrying a whip-lash.  I think it is the thigh boots but no clothing.  Going to try more miniature log cabin on a phone case next. 

Like: Crystal Tipps and Alastair

Was just thinking of this the other day when my hair was going big- I can feel it as it happens- in the cold damp air of the early morning Sunday carboot sale.

I loved this when I was little and when I see it now I know why.

Monday 15 March 2010

Make: Cardi Conversion

This started off as a cashmere sweater, bargain £3.50 from charity shop.  It's by 'Margaret Howell' and the cashmere is lovely quality but I don't really wear jumpers.  I made a binding from navy polka dot cotton and  used bits of a lovely bird fabric, lace and ribbons to cover all the raw edges and make it function as a cardi.  Should've taken before and after pics ...

Like: Glee- Mr Shue and Rachel duet Endless Love

To lift a Sunday evening along comes Glee.  Mr Shue and Rachel duet Endless Love, she realises how lovely he is- who doesn't love Mr Shue?- and he...  watch and find out
Video Clip here

Make:Clothkits Purse

Present for my mum, mother's day and her birthday on the same day.  Pink and orange are her favourite combo and the lining is the background fabric in the picture, Clothkits again!

Sunday 7 March 2010

VIntage needlework education book

Great little ideas for inspiration.

Don't you wish you had played 'Drapery Store 'shops at school with your friends Olwen, Elizabeth and Morag?

Carboot Sale Find

Kathy and James found this at the carboot sale today and gave it to me! It appears to be about promoting sewing in schools. There aren't any patterns but there are some great pictures.

You can see the scale with the scissors and thread. Turning this out is going to be fun. The fur patches are sewn on with tiny stitches, I have to sew this in short bursts.

Cute Dogs

Cute Dogs , originally uploaded by verykerryberry.

A random find at Waterstones. What a great book! Translated from Japanese with lovely pictures and instructions on how to make tiny dogs, about 2 inches tall. I'm going to try it out and make a 'Lottie'. I've bought the fur, filler eyes etc from suppliers on ebay. She is cut out and ready.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Quilt Roll

A present for my sister, table runner. I love polka dots,especially white on red, they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

I bought this spotty scarf at Peacocks- only £6, great deep red and lots of spots, bargain!