Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February look at Seamstar

Over half way through February all ready, valentines day has been and gone. Mother's Day and Easter are on the way- time is giddying along.  Time for my monthly look at Seamstar.  Courtney puts some lovely projects and kits together, starting with these drawstring bags kits:
Everything you need to make a useful bag for a child or for yourself- to store knitting supplies, fabrics etc!  When Lula was little I made a few like this for various school and after school activities and it certainly made getting the right equipment to the right activity a lot easier.
Three colourways available, blue, pink and yellow and even eyelets and an eyelet tool is included for a professional finish.  The detailed instructions are free, cover all you need to know about adding the eyelets along with everything else and can be found here on Courtney's blog.
You may want to embroider a name, you can find embroidery supplies including the thread colours below and many more, plus hoops, needles etc.
If you are looking for a little fabric for yourself, I can thoroughly recommend the lawns.  I know I have mentioned these before but I recently ordered one of the designs to use as a coat lining (planning to start this in the next month) and it really is good.
See what I mean!   This is Seashell, so pretty without being floral (although I love a floral) and such fantastic colours, plus it feels smooth just like a Liberty lawn.  I was thrilled to bits with this, its going to make the most fabulous lining to flash about (navy gabardine for the exterior coat) and will be luxurious next to the skin.  Other lawns can be seen here. 
These 1930s repros from Chloe's Closet caught my eye- all on sale at under £2/FQ

There are some cute gifts dotted around the website, useful sewing related items that you could use or give to like minded sewing friends.  Such as these little polka dot scissors (you can state a colour preference if you wish when ordering):
I also found this cute little notebook,  with a glossy cover plus a polka dot lining inside and lined pages within.  It's a bargain too at £2.25.
I've bought this tape measure as a little swap gift, the tape measure is coloured rather than the usual white and if you are anything like me, you can never have enough tape measure- like seam rippers and scissors, I lose them all the time.
There are still some specials on sale too, like this camera case cover kit.
Enjoy your look around. K x

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  1. So do those eyelets come with someone to set them too? I can never get those things to work for me o.O Cute bags though!


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