Saturday, 1 February 2014

Liberty: British Colour Pattern

I came across a beautiful book in our local cut price bookstore, Liberty: British Colour Pattern.  
A hardback book that comes with its own 'sleeve' and contains paper inserts and fold outs presented  in an archive style.  It was released Dec 2013 so I have no idea why it was at the bargain price of £14.99 but it ended up in my stocking and I was very pleased.
 It is the most beautiful picture book to go through, beautifully presented and the envelopes and fold outs are like little treats through out.  I have a push/pull relationship with Liberty.  I can remember some of the less glamourous days in the 1990s when it was all umbrellas and oilcloth tote bags in the darkest and most old fashioned of prints- badly thought out products and over use of beautiful patterns.  The brand seems to have repositioned itself since then and branched off into more original design briefs and artists whilst retaining the legacy of the past.
There is a particularly interesting sec ion later in the book covering the Liberty Art fabrics and the seasonal prints that come out for a limited period and can be exciting, original- at times a bit weird but always creatively interesting- success has to come with a little failure to create an energy and desire for new things in the next season.
Grayson Perry is my favourite artist so far in the new direction but each year there are quirky additions and wry choice of artists or creative people behind the new prints.
 These are scraps of the Grayson Perry Liberty lawn prints I have used, all for clothing over the past couple of years: Philippa, Cranford and Cissy
 The paper pull outs show his painted repeats for some of the designs.
 And finally the new addition, Liberty lifestyle- the quilting/craft fabric range which so far has drawn on the Liberty heritage with the Bloomsbury and Stile collections.
I thoroughly recommend it.  I find it such a delight to dip into.  If you have a branch of The Works near you, it is definitely worth popping into.  The craft/sewing section contains many familiar titles and there are some great bargains- this caught my eye, I remember it blog hopping about.  You can see sewing titles here and there are knitting and crochet too.  I do love a bargain, especially one that involves Liberty. 
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  1. Beautiful book, great find! I'd love a copy. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Crikey, I may have to go into town!
    I was showing the girls the Tom Daley print last night, they couldn't believe it ;)

  3. Oh damn, I was up near there earlier! Looks great :o)

  4. Oh wow! I love the look of this book and will put it in my amazon wish list. And I didn't know that Grayson perry had designed for liberty. Awesome.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I will look out for this when I am in London again!

  6. I got it for Christmas too, I think it will make a nice summertime read in the garden!

  7. Thanks for the heads up - I just ordered from The Works on-line and got 30% off free P+P (i ordered some other good stuff) and 21% cash back. Result :-)

  8. I'm so pleased to find a review of this book - I've been pondering it on Amazon since before Christmas and wondering what lay inside. It looks glorious! Thank you for sharing it here. x

  9. It is on my Amazon, got to buy it now. Thanks so much for the review x


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