Sunday, 23 February 2014

Beaches and blocks

Almost the end of half term week which started with this last Sunday at Exmouth.  There is nothing like the cobalt blue of the sky there.

Amidst many dogs and their walkers was our little dog Lottie, wearing her fleece- bright but chilly out there.

A week of seeing family, catching up with friends, time at home with daughter and husband and of course sewing.  I rekindled my voile Swoon from a two years ago.  It was exactly the same time of year when I started the idea of a Swoon quilt.  It must be the vivid saturated colours that I crave at this time of year.  I enjoyed making this again, and the next block will be a little sooner.

I started a new quilt that I need to get made a little quicker: a Scrappy Trips Around the World for my nephew.  He's a boy that appreciates a little handmade love and was keen on the idea of a quilt for his birthday.  I didn't make one of these when the quilt a long first hit the quilty world, I now I started this I totally understand the popularity. So instant, so easy- everything fits together and needs minimal planning, plus what a way to get all your favourites in one quilt.  There is a little planning going on here with a rough colour palette and an idea of how many dark, how many light, how many mid tone.  I am planning the diagonals somewhat but this is relatively free and easy for me.

More beach, this time Budleigh Salterton, pebbles and a sea swirly with orange clay and cliff erosion from the recent storms.

With my honeys.

There are some ups and downs for me at the moment, c'est la vie.   I go through this from Dec/January every year but it is more marked this year.  The sea at Budleigh was loud, especially when pulling the pebbles back so strongly, the air was bracing and the cobalt blue was back again.  

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  1. Hope you will be on an "up" again soon, Kerry. Being by the sea is sure to soothe the soul, I wish I lived closer - both of those beaches hold such special memories for me. Your scrappy trips quilt is looking gorgeous, what a lucky nephew! Rx

  2. What lovely photos! I'm the same re December & January, though for me it's more like November to Feb. It's not that I don't love these months; I love all times of year. It's just the lack of light seems to drag me down. Still, spring is definitely on it's way now : ) PS Still haven't finished the pjs I started with you at the FQR last summer...keep getting distracted with other things. Looking forward to revisiting. Hope you're up again soon. Jen

    1. You should really finish the PJs, you'll enjoy them so much more sewn!

  3. Love your photos. With you on the 'bleugh' of this time of year, and sadly the reasons increase year on year.
    Take care buddy xxx

  4. Sounds like a good week, hope you're feeling duly rejuvenated now :o)

  5. What great photos! Hope you have a good week.

  6. Such wonderful photos Kerry, I do hope this week has lifted your spirits. The lack of sunshine is always depressing but at least the worst is over .

  7. Lovely pics and hope you find your equilibrium soon. I have felt a similar way since my birthday although it's not unusual for me to feel meh from Nov through to March!

  8. Lovely photos ~ being at the beach can be so refreshing what with the salt air and wind and time spent with family is always wonderful.
    I go through the same thing tho mine starts in August through September ~ a lot of loss happened in those months for me. Last year was a good one tho ~ it surprised me and gave me a bit of hope that it won't be as dark of a time in the future.
    Thinking of you ~

  9. Being on the beach always makes me feel better - it's where I do my best thinking. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  10. A lovely mix of sewing, beach and reasonable weather.


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