Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pochee Progress

I finished my toile for the Pochee tunic.  It looks a bit like a ghostly one armed Victorian night dress but it does the job and the fit is good

The Little Folks voile is cut and ready and I have been tailor tacking to put all the marks for matching up and  sewing the tucks.  I will post a bit of video after this as a tailor tack tutorial- if I can work it out.  I'm using the Sewmamasew June make it wear it thing to give me a kick up the backside.  Pochee 9 arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to post pics

There are even more things I want to make in here than in the other one

I have already cut put the pattern for this, I am going to make it from the lacey cotton table cloth I found a couple of weeks ago so it will be a petticoat dress to wear under the tunic, but there's more...

Definitely going to make this dress

The full skirt crosses over at the back like an apron or wraparound style

Too many to choose.


  1. Oh my your tunic turned out great (even in the one arm photo) And there are too many cute patterns in the Pochee #9, It would be hard on which one to start with.

  2. You do have the looks to carry this off so have fun with some really cool sewing!!

  3. You are both very generous with your comments x

  4. Gosh, that looks wonderful - so many lovely things.

    I love the tunic you made with the AMH diamond mine fabric too...the fabric drapes in the way that I always hope other fabric will...and then somehow never does.

    Florence x

  5. I love your Pochee and even though I am a beginner in sewing, it looks like something I could do, almost. Is it possible to find the pattern anywhere? Please let me know. I love it!!

  6. Hi Iss2, I bought it via ebay from a seller called pomadour24, she also has an etsy shop with the same name. She mails from Japan and sends internationally. The magazine is called Pochee and this edition is Volume 7 Spring 2009. I have also bought Spring 2010, it has a huge number of lovely patterns. There is always an easy style with lots of pictures showing the making procee in Pochee but many of the other garments rely on a bit of sewing experience if you can't read Japanese! See my other pochee posts in the labels (right column on this blog) for tips on how to decipher the paper patterns.


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