Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tutorial: Tailor's tacks

When you are sewing, especially dress making, you need to get the pattern markings on to your fabric and if the fabric is delicate or you are worried about getting the magic pen marks out, tailors tacks are a good way to make your marks without using chalk/pen/pencil.  I hope this video clip explains all if this is new to you.  If  something isn't clear let me know. There is no sound,  I'm hoping actions speak louder than words

I hope you learn to tailor tack,   I learnt that I have quite veiny arms.


  1. I have been sewing for nearly 60 years and have always used tailor's tacks. My mother taught me. I had a difficult difference of opinion with a home ec. Teacher who wanted me to use carbon paper and tracing wheel.

  2. Thank you so much for video. I've always wondered about tailor's tacks, it's much easier to understand this way!


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