Tuesday, 29 June 2010


When I came home from work at lunch time  there were two packages behind the door- both fabric.  I had been waiting a couple of weeks for one from USA

When I opened it up, I nearly cried- it's a bit sad to be so moved by fabric, get a grip woman!

'Far and Away II'- Heather Ross for Kokka and Kokka 'Sewing Supplies'.  all from the lovely Purlsoho.
It will be ages until Far Far Away is available in the UK and when I buy from the US I have to be careful to spend £18 or less- approx $24- to stay under the import duty charges which can be high.  Purl soho was the only place where I could chose fat quarters in this range and the Sewing Supplies print is one of my favourites- I have used the linen tape with the same print a lot of projects.  I think these are destined for my month in Bee(a little bit) Japanese quilting bee.  My month isn't til Feb but I like to be ready.  I'll have to audition the colours together.

The two fabrics on the left also destined for that Bee, not quite sure.  Theses 3 were a bargain from the heyday shop,  the two pink prints were in the sale- bargain!

These are also for the same quilt- all showing similar colours and some of my favourite things- sewing, tea, bags and fairy tales- makes sense to me anyway. They are all from great UK sellers. The threads print and pink Hope Valley (Denyse Schimdt) are from Gwen at CelticFusion fabrics, the teal Hope Valley from Gone to Earth and the turquoise japanese food/kitchen print from Eternal Maker.  I have some others in my stash to go with these and a great idea for a quilt block- I need to test it out before I reveal.

And finally-I'm overwhelmed as to how many nice fabric I can see writing this!- I got this Heather Ross bundle on ebay on Sunday for a great price- destined for a baby quilt, a new niece or nephew due in September  x


  1. No need to get a grip..hah.ah.ah.ah.a.h.a..There is nothing better than a post full of fabric!! or something made by someone!
    Your block will be awesome with those fabrics no matter what it is!

  2. I love Heather Ross, hopefully fingers crossed Seamstar here in the UK will be stocking her stuff asap! Good colours. Justine xx

  3. thanks for adding my little illustration in your sidebar.....how cute it looks there! :)

    how fun to have some Far Far Away fabric to play with! it all looks wonderful!

    have a great day!

  4. It's fine to be excited by fabric! It HAS to be, ok?! lovely choices there Kerry, and thanks for the links. can't wait to see what you make...


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