Sunday, 20 June 2010

Trash to treasure

The tiny teacups that I bought a couple of weeks ago are now pincushions- they are so quick to do.  One for my friend Kathy and two for me.  The fabric came from an old apron with a great print so great recycling all round.

I found these place mats in a charity shop- block printed on linen, unused- 25p each!

Made by disabled girls- not very politically correct label from older times.  They are just a bit wider thatn the width of my sewing machine so with a bit of grey cotton I think they are destined to be a sewing machine cover- an improvement on the tea towel I currently use, might use this print- it was cut up to make a 50's shift dress

More trash at the carboot today.  I loved this musical box, 60s or 70s made in Japan with great Manga Heidi style characters

And this tall Japanese matchbox, great designs

and more matchboxes, more simple bold designs- love it

Happy sundays in the fun and to Damian- a great father to Lula, (he doesn't know I've written this) x 


  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who can't resist a car boot!
    It's amazing what you can find, love the Japanese matchbox.

  2. Those pin cushions are so adorable!!! I keep telling myself to make one, especially after seeing them all over the interwebs, but I never do and my pins are everywhere!!!! I should just buy one LOL because I don't think I'll ever make one ....


  3. They are very quick to make- 6 inch circle, running stitch around the edge, fibre fill inside, pull tight and super glue about 1/2 inch down around the inner of the cup x


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