Thursday, 24 June 2010

Name Labels

How cute are these?  Ever since I saw the tutorial at Patchwork Pottery I have been itching to have a go

The print bit is easy, I bought some image transfer paper from ebay and you need a very hot iron and away you go.  Importing fonts, flipping text- it needs to be a 'wordart' object to flip- and borrowing an inkjet instead of  laser printer, installing software for the different printer etc-thank you to my mum and my husband for help on those.

They worked better on a  beige thicker cotton twill tape than on thinner white.  Sometimes the heat of the iron creates a bit of yellowing and you can't see that at all on the beige tape.  One sheet of paper makes a  whole lot of labels so thrifty too!

Quick shout out-UK sewers can at last  now buy Kona cottons in the full range of colour from Mandy at Simply Solids.  Pop over to  Lily's quilts for the huge giveaway to celebrate the launch of this new shop, open to 2nd July,  and look at all Lily's lovely stuff as well.

Fabric bargains- 40 % off Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Tanya Whelan and more at whilst stocks last.

Interested in a quilt-as-you-go quilting bee?- this quilt was made in this method.  Contact Tracy, admin for the group  It is a great method if you have a small machine or can't handle the weight of a big quilt easily and fancy some more portable quilting.  Take a look at these tutorials- first with no hand sewing here and more traditional with hand sewing here and there are lots more ways of doing this. 

Enjoying the sun in the UK x


  1. Cute labels!! I will have to take a look at the tutorial and see about making some myself, will you use them folded in half in bindings like a little tag?


  2. These are wonderful! I saw the these at Patchwork Pottery too and loved the idea!

    Happy Midsummer from sunny Finland!



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