Sunday, 27 June 2010

Carboot love

It is so hot today that it was good to get out early before it got too warm.  At the first carboot stall I had some bumper finds, first this folding mini table 50p, I loved the pattern on the top

It needed a bit of TLC- a good clean and just a little DIY but now and ready to put to good use
Then this great sewing vintage 1970s book

I would've loved this as a girl.  It even shows you how to make your own clothes, diagrams on how to thread your sewing machine  based on an old hand turned Singer.  I was limited to the Ladybird book of sewing and making bookmarks and ball from felt- all very groovy but this would've been fantastic!

My favourite pic is this illustration

love it!
Also picked up this cute little Newey 'book' of vintage 'Sewing Aids', just loved the packaging

and finally some hooks, I have a few sets of these in the kitchen, useful and so pretty


  1. I love that book, I found a 70's sewing book yesterday on how to make dolls. All of the makes in these old books are still relevant it's only the fabric that changes.
    Kandi x

  2. You did super on your finds! I love it when I find cute stuff like that.

  3. great finds, esp the table! those hooks... i've got the same but in red/orange in our pantry... they were there when we moved in, but they wont be when we move out!


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