Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Spoils

More booty goodies- I'm away next Sunday so finding a few good bits today keeps me going for a couple of weeks.  There was a stall with an old haberdashery shop clearance, most of it nylon or dirty but a great reel of ric rac hiding away in a box

It's a bit like a gingham pattern in the weave, nice find for 50p.  Also got these tiny cups

destined to become teacup pincushions, after I dropped my china basket pin cushion I need something weighted and if I break one of these there will be another.  A tutorial for this at mmmcrafts is very helpful

Just as I was on my way out I spotted these hiding on the floor- shabby but so lovely and they russian doll inside each other.  I washed them  gently with a bit of sterilising fluid  and they are all nice and clean and ready for storage, love them already x

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