Thursday, 17 June 2010

Apple for my swap partner

Did you guess?  Coasters, a lovely design by Ayumi at Pink Penguin in the current issue of Stitch magazine.

I have to wrap this up for my Modern Swap partner well in advance before I am tempted to keep it to myself-  apples are very tempting!


  1. that's awesome! i may have to look into making one... i've just signed up to a 5 item, (inc 1 fabric, 1 upcycled & 1 craft item) swap and lucked out to get an amazing crafter but am totally panicked about what to send her!

  2. WOW!!!! Its so pretty! You make everything so well & neat...

  3. So pretty! And a new design to me: haven´t seen anything like it before! The receiver will love these!

    Sunny and hot (!!!) greetings from Finland!


  4. I just love how yours turned out!

  5. Oh how fun!! As you can see I am working my way through my blog reader LOL I did not guess what you were going to make, but this is awesome!!! You did such a great job on them. I really need to make one of those for myself. :)



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