Monday, 23 September 2013

September offers at Village Haberdashery

Annie at Village Haberdashery has so many offers it is hard to keep up with all of them.  Last week it was Melody Miller Folk Modern at 25% off... before you go lookie, too late, it has been and gone, but there is another offer to compensate, one free fat quarter for every £10 spent on fabric.  I'll warn you, there's not much time, this offer finishes on Wednesday so let's have a quickie look to see what's new to buy and get a bonus.
Squared elements may well be the best basics range that Art Gallery have ever produced, such a winner.  Great as a binding print, handy for backgrounds and as a blender and the irregular square help break up any overly strong geometric fabrics you might be combining it with.  Build a bundle here.
Briar Rose is already popular and its only just become available.  There are so many prints to chose from and the colour palette includes one of my favourites combos- green and pink together,  I am also drawn to the deep coral colourway of the Nanny Bee print. Bundle options here.
Colette's latest pattern, Zinnia skirt is now available, this is a photo of my favourite version, the pleats sewn down-  I find pleats at the waist can be a tricky look to pull off and the stitched down option looks much sleeker.  
The fabric to go with this?   Chambray would work well and Interweave Chambray comes in seven jewel like colours.
Talking of jewel like colours, Acacia has a rich autumnal colour palette.  I think my favourite print has to be Arrowheads in sugar, really delicate and almost ditsy.  Bundle option is here
Strike whilst the iron is hot to get your free fat quarter, no code needed. To keep up with Annie's flash offers, follow her @VHaberdashery on twitter.
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  1. My mother warned me about ladies who flashed... ;o)

  2. I love some of many lovely fabrics.

  3. ooh i really really love that skirt and especially the pleats down version...I definitely can not pull off pleats at the waist)

  4. @blueberry same here, I think the skirt fabric is really beautiful well it is quite simple but have that elegant look in a way. All of the fabrics posted are unique and beautiful making them perfect for a haberdashery project I want to start.


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