Saturday, 7 September 2013

Welcome to Seamstar!

I am happy to welcome a new sponsor, Courtney from UK online shop Seamstar.
  Here is a one of my favourite fabrics from her shop, Cosmo Fantastic Forest linen blend.

Alongside fabrics she has a rather excellent habdash selection including Friskars Soft Touch spring scissors which having had years of RSI, I can fully endorse.  I use these, they reduce a lot of hand ache and after years of use, they stay sharp.

Meanwhile more fabric, another linen blend, Nature Botanical, I rather fancy making this into a maxi skirt.
Seamstar is well stocked with a good variety of quilting cottons and alternative dressmaking fabrics like lawns and the lovely linens. including Meadow Purple ( I have used this to make a blouse in the past, lovely, like Liberty lawn!) 

and Seashell, love the blue and orange combo.
There is a rather excellent section, the Fabulous Forgotten Fabrics with some little gems hiding away inside including this beautiful nostalgic sewing print from Anna Griffin, very cute! 
there are handy links all over the site including some useful resources like the fabric cutting guide below.
Handy, so look for links and places to click, there are lots of resources and help for you, the perfect colour matching page is excellent- click on the colours to find out.    Courtney is currently adding more to the website and blog over the next few months so you may want to sign up for her newsletter to keep up to date with additions.  Since Courtney first opened in 2008 she has expanded her staff to an enthusiastic team full of ideas and ready to help and she is branching out into a monthly Craft Club subscription service, which includes a bundle of materials and a monthly make, as well as offering regular new free projects to make and sew on the shop blog

 I couldn't resist a hint of Christmas with this lovely cuddly flannel, practically begging to be the backing on a Christmas quilt.  I am looking forward to my monthly visits to Seamstar!

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  1. I can fully endorse the Fiskars soft touch spring scissors too! I've had my pair for ten years or so and not only are they comfy, they DO stay sharp. Seamstar's visual cutting guide is really lovely.


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