Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cosying up at Eternal Maker

Down in Devon we are still getting the very tail end of summer weather so its warm even if it is a little damp and drizzly but the hints of Autumn are giving me thoughts of cosy times ahead-I've already purchased sheepskin boots for indoors to save my chilly feet.  I spotted some gorgeous  flannels and brushed cottons at Eternal Maker, look at these beauties...just arrived
Robert Kaufman Shetland flannel in Ocean.  The colour, the herringbone, dreamy isn't it?  Perfection for PJs, pillow cases and also bags, tablet cases and  man/boy gifts.  It has a great utilitarian and yet snuggly appeal.   Absolutely love it and I think this will fly out of the shop once the weather turns chilly.  Also available in Redwood and Jet.

Flannel is always a great fabric for children.  I spotted the Sew Liberated Mei Tei baby carrier pattern was in stock at Eternal Maker at the moment.  The carrier has no hardware, just flannel lined cotton. The Shetland flannels would make a lovely winter carrier.
There are some lovely brushed cottons that would work well too with the carrier or with simple dresses, tunics or PJs for winter cosy clothes.  This deep pinky red Japanese floral brushed cotton almost makes me think Christmas (shh!).
My love of Nani Iro means I am always looking at those prints with an eye to future sewing plans.  A long sleeved dress in on of these brushed cottons is calling me...Little Letters in navy
And grey/pink/glitter...
Are you ready to snuggle?  
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  1. I'm so ready to snuggle, Kerry! Here it's still very warm but there is autumn in the air. Beautiful fabrics and those flannels and brushed cottons look great! x Teje

  2. Lovely selection of fabric. I've just been doing some fabric shopping. Yardage for PJ knee length shorts now the weather is turning.

  3. I just love the brushed cottons. We are heading straight into fall over hear on the east coast of the US

  4. I'm hoping to get my voile/velveteen quilt made this weekend, assuming my shoulder stops aching so much, so I'll be all set to snuggle :o)

  5. I just finished a dress in nani iro brushed cotton and am looking forward to more this winter. Such yummy fabric!


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