Friday, 6 September 2013


It has been a bumpy 12 months.  This time last year I still had labyrinthitis and I couldn't travel apart from on foot.  Two holidays were cancelled and the weather was truly awful.  Christmas was a challenge.  There was a sudden, awful death to deal with that left us all reeling for months and months. After all that, this summer has been an utter relief.
Prince Albert Memorial
This time last week we were starting long weekend in London.  A few days in a very comfortable, luxurious hotel, meeting up with my brother and getting our cultural top up.  We are all pale, freckled types so sunbeds and pool holidays are out of the question, but we do all like museums and city breaks and London is a treasure trove of the most beautiful sights and experiences.  Starting with my very, very favourite, The V and A.
V and A Gardens
V and A Cafe ceiling  
13th and 14th Century stained and painted glass, V and A
'The Seamstress', Russian plate 1924, V and A
 On Saturday, we toured Westminster Abbey (pricey but worth it), no pics allowed but much awe at its beauty.  I was similalry awed by seeing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament so close up.
An afternoon of walking along the Southbank and over to Covent Garden with a little shopping for the daughter.
View of St Pauls
I had a totally me made wardrobe including a little shortie wrap robe, made from Art Gallery voile in Branch Silhouette Blue (generously provided by Jacqui at Hantex).  It was a mix of Ann Ladbury vintage pattern book from the 70s and my own invention.  It has sleeves, belt loops and a hanging hook as well as a generous crossover.  It is a short shortie, more of a PJ top but it ideal for travel as it packs easily in a case taking minimal space and is light and airy for the hot weather.
Sunday morning, over to Petticoat Lane for the enormously large market.  Its mainly cheap clothing, shoes, bags accessories and is across many roads.
and then only a short distance away is Spitalfields market, we all loved this.  Lots of cool stuff, vintage clothing, food and pretty nonsense.
We bought some of the best granola I have ever tasted ( I don't think I have written a sentence more yummy mummy and middle class than that, but it really is good).

We split into two directions in the afternoon.  Lula and I went to The Foundling Museum, Damian went to The British Museum for us to join him later.  I have wanted to visit The Foundling Museum for some time.  The hospital collection is truly touching, the tiny tokens left by mothers and to help identiy their child should they ever be able to collect their child.  The history was fascinating.  We sat and listened to interviews from adults who had grown up in the hospital.  I thoroughly recommend it.
The museum has a wonderful record of collaborations with artists including contemporary artist, the latest of whom is Clare Twomey and her ingenious and thought provoking 'Exchange: 1000 Good Deeds' project.  Lula and I got to take part.  We entered a room of tables laid out with white cups and saucers.  We were told we could exchange our token for a cup of our choice; lifting the cup would reveal the good deed we would do in return.   We were allowed 1 choice, if you feel you are not able to so the task, you replace the cup.  There was some flexibility in interpreting the tasks.  
We spent along time reading the saucers of cups already taken and tasks already given: 'smile at 10 strangers today', 'cook a meal for a friend', 'Write a message inside your favourite book and leave it in a place for someone else to find' and so on.  So we chose.  I have donated to MERLIN, £10 can vaccinate 30 children against life threatening diseases.  Lula has made our bed (having no siblings) and we have the cups of a reminder of all the Foundling hospital stood for.  
We had a wonderful time in London, we walked miles and the weather was incredible and made the sights look even more iconic than usual.  And we came home to more sunshine and the  last few days of getting ready for work, prepping for the Exeter Sewing Directory Meet Up on Sat 14th Sept and making the most of free time by a little trip to a local beach, this is Budleigh Salterton.   I feel very lucky indeed. 
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  1. It looks and sounds like a wonderful trip - one of my favorite cities to visit too.

    Your top looks great and so practical.

  2. My spouse and kids are the pale freckly kind....sigh....but this looks like a fabulous holiday!!!

  3. What a fantastic trip. The Foundling Museum sounds really interesting. Love the token/cup exchange thing. Also LOVE your shortie robe. It's the kind of thing I wear myself.

  4. What a lovely trip - you can't beat London in the warm (not totally boiling FQR meltdown) sunshine!

  5. So glad you had a lovely summer, you deserved it :o)

  6. Yay to a wonderful summer :-) So glad you have had a good time.

  7. Lovely trip, so amazing the places you visited :). The robe is gorgeous

  8. I SO want to visit London some day. I'm glad you had a lovely end to the summer. You definitely needed something like this.

  9. I love London but have never visited the Foundlings Museum.

  10. What a wonderful trip. We spent an entire day at Westminster Abbey as there was so much to see! I hope life is easier for you now.

  11. sounds like a wonderful time! It makes me feel like a total lazy arse for living in London and never doing anything! I should really take more advantage of the place!

  12. What a gorgeous trip you had! London is one of those places that I would love to visit before I die!! Oh and your summer robe looks gorgeous. You look so cool and elegant! It reminds me of a comfy summer kimono from Japan that we wear during the summer season ;D

  13. What a beautiful weekend. So glad you could take some time out to recharge the batteries. Here's to a new season.

  14. What a lovely trip - I was saying to Mr f&f that when our lot our older I'd like to take them to London for a long weekend. I wasn't aware of the Foundling museum but it sounds amazing. Lovely view of the sea x


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