Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Makery book

Whenever I get the chance to visit Bath, I always pop into The Makery.  It is one of those shops that you wish was in your home town with beautiful stock and inspiring.  Part emporium, part workshop, it was one of the first new style of craft  concept shops when it opened in 2010 and as well as fabric it stocks stamps, jewellery findings and more.  Last week I was sent  Makery: Over 30 Projects for the Home, to Wear and to Give to review and it represents the same spirit that can be found in the shop
It is a mix of crafts from crochet and knitting, to sewing, to jewellery making to decoupage.  You can see from the contents page it is jam packed full of projects , most of them quick and relatively easy to do. 
The layout reminds me of the shop, each project has a photo page depicting the resources beautifully laid out.  These are for the Shrinkles tags made with stamps (you can see my efforts in the top picture next to the book cover.
 This book reminds me of those 1970s Golden Hands style craft books  of which I am quite a fan, although in those days they did expect you to build your own kiln whilst housing a full size loom in your bedroom.  Kate's projects are a little more contemporary and accessible with the emphasis on things to wear, use and give.  These projects particulalry caught my eye.  Simple new transport spin on the pincushion in a teacup (I am on the lookout for a suitable vehicle to make this):
A more advanced project, Stag head.  The pattern pieces for this and other projects are full size (hurrah!) in a pullout sheet at the back.

 I had a go at the tape measure brooch using black silky ribbon.   Now I need a vintage cloth tape measure to make the real thing!
The instructions are clear and well written and a lot of the acitivities would work well for new crafters or to do with children as there are lots of quick fix activities which don't need lots of specialist items.  There are basic technique guides at the back and detailed resources list, although a quick click on to ebay or amazon or even a trip to WHSmiths will find you brooch backs, Modge Podge, shrinkles paper and the like.   
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  1. This book sounds wonderful! I will have to put it near the top of my wish list!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm disappointed you haven't built your own kiln though... ;o)

  3. This looks like a fun book! And yay for full size patterns. I HATE with a passion books that require you to go to a copy shop and print at 500% or something. Do you mean to tell me you never did build your own kiln whilst doing a spot of bedroom weaving?

  4. Oh my goodness... that looks like one super yummy book!! Hugs, L

  5. Hurray for full size patterns!!!

  6. great posts as ever Kerry. I didn't get to the makery this summer, but went to cowslip workshops in Launceston, you would love it. never seen so much fabric in such an lovely rural setting. hope you well .hx


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