Sunday, 29 September 2013

Saints and Pinners Florals

Florals from the big to the ditsy make up the majority of my fabric stash.  I love floral prints above all others and it is what I am drawn to time and time again.  So, I picked a floral theme for this month's visit to Saints and Pinners.  Starting with queen of the vitnage style floral, Denyse Schmidt and the timeless bouquet prints from Flea Market Fancy legacy in turquoise, red (gold really) and grey .  These still tug at my heart strings.
For a more modern floral I have put a little selection together which have a less obvious floral feel, either through the boldness and simple colours- Kama Stone, the art nouveau feeling of Specimen in raspberry or the organic flow of Cloud 9 Coral Weed.
 Anna Maria Horner revisits florals in a new way in every collection and often within a collection too.  Strickingly different prints from Little Folks range of voiles, Little Honey Gold and Coloring Garden in Berry. 
Lovely melon candy colours in the Lollies florals, in  peachgrass, peach and red.  Soft and pretty colours but not too overtly feminine with the geometric mandala  style design
And big and blowsy, these Philip Jacob roses, English Rose in red, English Rose in lavender. This is a tiny glimpse of a large scale print, for a better idea, look at the Westminster fibres site look here for red, and here for lavender to get an idea of this print in all its lucsious glory.  It would make the most sumptuous quilt back, like an eiderdown!  These last two prints are in the sale at £1.80 for fat quarter.  Remembering the 20% off for every £10 fabric purchase, 2 metres would work out at under £12, and 4 metres is a good amount to think of for quilt backing.   Great value and a real impact print.
No code needed for 20% discount, it is taken off at checkout.  Enjoy the flowers x
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  1. I don't usually think of myself as being terribly into florals but there are some really beautiful ones. Those Phillip Jacobs are fantastic. I did like Nicey Jane as well.


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