Monday, 23 September 2013

Thankyou with a Simple Scarf

Thankyou for the lovely comments left on the 'peek inside 500 Quilt Blocks' post.  I have been feeling a bit grotty over the weekend so your words have been a balm when I came out from under the duvet.  Here's a super quick make as a thank you!

Simple Yard Scarf
You will need:
1 yard  double gauze
Lace scraps
Cotton thread e.g. Aurifil Mako 50wt
1. Cut in half across the width of the yard, selvedge to selvedge.
2.  Lay selvedges over each other, right sides facing up.  Sew two rows of stitches close to top selvedge to make a central flat seam. 
3. Bring the long edges right sides together and sew along using 3/8" seam (double gauze tends to fray easily) to make a tube with open ends.  Press the seam open. Turn tube through to right side, press again.
4.  You can leave the ends as they are- double gauze has soft fringed selvedges. or you can add a little lace trim.  I sewed mine on the inside of the tube so the ends of the tube were left open to keep a floaty effect.  The selvedge are so pretty on this print that I wanted to make a feature of them.
This fabric was bought from Eternal Maker a few months back.   You can find their current range of double gauze prints here.  You could do the same with voile or lawn, or any light soft fabric- silk even!
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  1. Perfect make and I LOVE the fabric.

  2. love this scarf - such pretty fabric and the lace makes a great addition. What a lovely gift this would make :)

  3. Gorgeous scarf Kerry - that lace trim is just perfect! I didn't comment on your last post (struggling with commenting through Bloglovin on iPhone/Pad - v annoying. Grr!) So excited for this book to come out - all the project that you and Lynne have show look brilliant! Hope you're feeling better soon x

  4. Sweet scarf and love the trim!

  5. I've made these with the double gauze. They are really fun. I need to make more.

  6. Adorable scarf, Kerry and the fabric is beautiful and looks so light! Thank you! x Teje


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