Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring at Eternal Maker

A little while back, Anna at Eternal Maker travelled to Japan on a fabric finding mission and the deliveries are just starting to arrive.  They really do stock an incredible array of Japanese fabric at Eternal Maker, especially for the UK and they are happy to ship worldwide.  Here is a glimpse at some of the latest additions.
Cosmo Panda double gauze (comes in a range of colours too.
Another voile, this time a trellis print from the same collection- gorgeous! 
A cotton twill which is on my list to buy also by Kiyohara- this would make a great skirt!
There is some great Japanese binding too- I find making my own binding comparable to the boredom I get when applying interfacing so the chance to buy it ready made is very appealing! This Captain 88 knit tape binding is great for edging t shirts or a rounded corner baby blanket.
This pretty Captain 88 lace print bias linen blend binding would give a lovely finish to a purse, pouch or clothing 
And to finish, lets get the roller boots out, Ruby Star Sparkle Roller Skates from Melody Miller
Enjoy your weekend, snowy, wet, cold but with dreams of Spring x
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  1. Looks beautiful, Kerry! Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  2. I love that Panda and Berry print, it makes me smile! Exactly what I am looking for with my in-vitro little girls collection of 'Mama sewn' produce :D

    Bundana x

  3. Hi! just to let you know you're on my top-five favourite bloggers and I'd like to know what yours are. I also link your blog on mine, hope you don't mind. Best wishes

  4. Looks like you have sorted one Easter holiday day trip for me! x

  5. Love all the fabric ~ especially those roller skates ~ takes me back to my roller skating times!

  6. Those are truly lovely fabrics! I am not sure how I would use the panel one but it's so gorgeous!

  7. Ooh lovely, and the roller skates are great! :o)

  8. Ahh, so *that's* where spring went...

  9. The binding looks great and I've already looked up the panel on Eternal Maker! Very pretty...


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