Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Quick Housekeeping

Quick housekeeping post.  The end of Google reader has meant a shift in blog reading for us all- I have been trying Feedly and Blog lovin'.  You can play around with the layout of Feedly, the default setting is a magazine format but the setting in the left menu can be altered to a linear whole post Google reader style format.  You add blogs and feeds to feedly.  Blog lovin' doesn't have a whole post option  for reading but is easy to operate and they provide a widget which you can see in my side bar and a fancy one for this post! My priority is a good reader for my desktop imac so I can easily leave comments- Ipads and phones are not so good for this.  I am using both!
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I had to redraw the second giveaway prize as I hadn't heard from the winner in 2 weeks, 
The winner was Catja, she has been in touch and the fabric and pattern is in the post!
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  1. I'm using Feedly and quickly growing to hate all the BlogLovin spam that has been filling up my newsfeed. Feedly is nearly identical to Google Dynamic View Blogs which is what I currently use for Badskirt. I find it great because you get to pick the layout that suits you best!

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