Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sew with Nancy at Saints and Pinners

I had a chance to catch up with Jo from Saints and Pinners at the Sewing Directory Meet up.  She brought along one of the shop embroidery kits  that she has been working on and it was lovely to see it in person.
 It is around A4 paper size and the stitchy areas are printed on a linen cotton base.  The colours are a beautiful combination and all the floss is provided with the kit.
 You can see there are a range of stitches involved and it comes with a very cute innovative idea- a little  cloth sampler which demonstrates the stitches you need.
You can sew and practice your French knots, lazy daisies and couching and then cut this to make a little reference book for future embroidery!
There is a bird kit - Easter idea maybe?  As well as the cat with a bird on its head!
 And for non stitchy gifts, I love this Little Town kit. The pack contains ten card buildings and trees to fold and glue together and the scale of it looks like it would work perfectly with little cars and trains.  This could make a lovely gift, it  makes me think of my nephew who is an arty boy and loves colour and design and there is the bonus of adult appeal,  adults would be itching to put this together!  You can find all the Nancy Nicholson kits here and close ups of the bird kit and cat kit here.
Easter is a-coming, these would make wonderful gifts for the crafters of the future me thinks...!
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  1. Oh that's lovely stuff, I especially love the cat & bird kit! :)

  2. The cat is awesome. I'll try her out some day. It is also a good idea to sew it with colourful fabrics. It can so see it already (stichting is a work of too much patience for me)

    Today is the last day of my giveaway, be brave and join me:

  3. That little city is something my grandson would love!

  4. They look lovely - I really like the slightly retro designs!

  5. The cat looks fab, love all the different stitches

  6. You are just a mind reader! After spending the last two days up to my armpits in technology, working on a machine embroidery blog hop project, I just visited another favorite blog where hand embroidery was the topic of the day. The simplicity and timelessness of hand embroidery is so alluring, and I found myself thinking: NO hoops, NO crazy adhesive sprays and ten million stabilizers to choose from, no bobbin thread tension to adjust or trouble-shooting thread loops with 6 different needle types until you find the right one. No embroidery software for enlarging designs or changing thread colors, no ELECTRICITY needed, much more portable... I was wondering how anyone learns to DO hand embroidery these days, when all of the shops are full of high-tech classes and I don't know anyone who could teach me. Then your blog was the next stop on my list, and you have these adorable learning kits featured! You just made my day! :-)


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