Monday, 1 August 2011


A bit of destashing.  Anyone interested before it goes on Folksy or elsewhere?
Firstly American Jane 'Punctuation' for Moda. All gone! 
Selection two is 'Summertime' by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup for Henry Glass fabrics.
£3  plus £1 postage UK/£2.40 postage Europe/£3.70 outside Europe All gone!
There is a whole pink selection next- I have listed these individually-the first is Anna Griffins wobble stripe- I made that up, I don't know the proper name but pattern 29245, from the Riley colleciton for Windham- this is a long half yard so the width is 18" rather than 44".  This is quite a hard fabric to find now, cost is £2.50 plus £1 UK/£2 Eur/£3.20 World
The middle pink is Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics, Ripple Stripe from Midwest Modern range- almost a yard  cost is £2.50 plus £1 UK/ £2.40 Eur/3.70 World.  Gone!
The last pink is an Ikea cotton by Eva Lundgreen 2006. Not quite the full width of fabric but nearly!  cost is £1.50 plus £1 UK/ £1.80 Eur/ £2.50 World.  
If you want any of these items together so I can combine postage let me know and I will work out the cost! Paypal is needed for payment.
I have other fabric listed in my Folksy shop and if you buy any be sure to tell me you that you have come via my blog to get a 10% discount off the Folksy fabric!
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  1. Could I bagsy the Amy Butler ripple stripe please?

  2. I'd love the Punctuation.........

  3. Oh, I was about to say I'd love the punctuation but looks like I'm too late :(

  4. Kerry,

    Not in the market for any fabric but wanted to thank you for inspiration. I am brand new to sewing (purchased a machine two months ago). I had always been intimidated and uninspired. I have recently found your images on flickr and and so excited, having a ball! I guess I was not meant to make big things, I seem to like cutting up fabric and making small, intricate things, as you do. I am certainly not ready to show any of my work yet, but just had to say "THANKS", you've really opened up an exciting new world for me. Maria in Central Coast of California

  5. Maria, that is the most lovely comment! I feel really honoured when anyone says I have inspired them. Little fiddly bits of fabric is definitely the way to go!


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