Friday, 12 August 2011

Lunch Bag Tag- Mini Tutorial

In amongst the fun sewing of pincushions and Accuquilt- more of that soon, it has been interesting and surprising- has been more mundane but necessary back to school labels and badges.  I had a very dull time edging and attaching a blazer badge.  Labeling a lunch bag is a challenge.  Scrawling on a name looks a bit tacky so I came up with a little cotton tape tag and a bit of stamping.  It is a quick and easy handmade touch to an everyday school necessity!
You will need:
Versacraft ink pad: a must- it heat sets with an iron
Cotton twill tape: needs to be able to fit through the end of the bag zipper
Rubber stamps
Thread, scissors, zipper machine foot, standard foot.
To make:
Cut your tape so it is long enough to fit your child's name/initials on twice plus an inch added at either end.  Press the tape in half and stamp the name either side of the fold line as in the pic below.  Allow to dry and press with a hot iron to set the ink. I have had a few queries about how long to press and the permanency of the ink.   Tsuenko/Versacraft advise prewashing the fabric to get rid of sizing.  I use my iron- which is a mini travel iron with 3 heat settings- on its hottest heat.  Once the ink has dried, I put a bit of cotton fabric over the top and press for around 5-10 seconds, maybe a bit longer.  Sometimes a little bit of the ink transfers on to the fabric.  How long I press depends how long I think the fabric can take it- I don't want to scorch it and the iron needs to be on its hottest heat, like you would use for cotton or linen.  I don't use any steam.   Then I iron onto the Versacraft directly for about 10 seconds on the printed and the reverse side and leave to cool.  I haven't used Versacraft on clothing or anything that gets frequently washed but I have done quilt labels and washed the quilts a few times on 30 and 40 degree light programmes and they come up fine.   I have read that you should leave it a few days before washing and that a tumble dry would assist the setting process. 
Thread through  the  lunch bag zipper end so the fold is furthest away from the zipper, tuck the twill tape ends in as you can see below held between my thumb and finger.  You can trim the ends here a little  if there seems like a lot of tape, staggering the lengths helps to spread the bulk.  You should have a sandwich of 4 layers.
You need to stitch this fold first.  I use a small stitch with a fine cotton piecing thread.  I have my zipper foot on and I move the needle to the far left.  Stitch and secure across the 4 layer sandwich.
I found it best to change my foot for the subsequent stitching and place the needle back in the centre.  Sew along the open edges of the tab and on the remaining fold line.
Back with a review of the go!  Aurifil thread giveaway still on, I am loving the music recommendations, what an insight into different musical tastes!  And best wishes to all at Festival of Quilts, wish I was with you!
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  1. Great idea - thanks for sharing.
    I'm off to festival for the day on Sunday, we have space in the car if you want to come!

  2. How neat! Can you wash things that you make with the Versacraft ink after you heat set it?

  3. This is a darling and practical idea. Thanks.

  4. I love this! So creative and a lovely way to avoid the whole black marker labeling. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [13 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  6. that's a really cute idea, Kerry!

  7. Kerry, I was thinking of using this ink pad and stamps for a label on my quilt for my husband. I have the same brand of ink pad but haven't had a chance to test it much. How many minutes do you heat set it for? Have you had luck washing it?


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