Monday, 15 August 2011

Paying it Forward with Pinnies

With a little help from my Aurifil threads I completed three pincushions- paying it forward for Rachel, Leila and Suzanne.  They each gave me an idea of what they wanted so hopefully these are just right.  I like them all, and they make a nice little grouping.
This is Rachel's.   The block is Mother's Dream, I do like traditional x and + blocks.  The fabrics are all vintage from my new pile except the Kei Kerchief girl in the middle- oh for more of this fabric!
Leila liked blue and these are all vintage fabrics, aprons etc

Both of these have a wool fabric back and a little hand stamped tag.
Suzanne wanted something like the clutch I made for Kaelin.  This is double sided with a sewing theme on the front...
and a house theme for the back.  Aurifil threads again for the hand stitch details- wool 12 weight and cotton 12 weight.  They are lovely threads for hand stitching and a sashiko needle makes for quicker sewing.  Suzanne just won a pack of thread in my giveaway!  She does a lot of hand stitch detail so I know they are going to a good home.
Aurifil threads again for the hand stitch details- wool 12 weight and cotton 12 weight.  They are lovely threads for hand stitching.  These little cushions are en route to their new owners.
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  1. I'm getting spoiled rotten by you Kerry first your fab purse and now this! Such cute pinnies all of them!! Can't wait to come up with little gifts I can send to pay it all forward :-)

  2. Those are adorable and I found you description of the Aurifil threads helpful as I've not seen any in 'real life'. I might be tempted to order some...

  3. They are all gorgeous! Lucky girls....

  4. Gorgeous! Could sit and look at them all day!

  5. These are so, so sweet Kerry! Seeing these sweet pincushions is a good reminder to me to focus some energy on little things -- not every project has to be huge. I just love these, with all their beautiful details.

  6. EEEEEKK!!! Kerry, they are all so adorable, I shall be waiting by the letterbox on tenterhooks! Thank you! (Now to think of what I can do for my PIF...)

  7. I am ridiculously pleased with your lovely comments about my pinnies, thank you so much for having a look.

  8. Gorgeous as ever Kerry.

  9. each one of these is so lovely! your style pleases my eye and tugs at my heart. and now i need to find some aurifil 12 threads to try :)


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