Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pretty Little Thankyou

It has been a week of packages-always a good thing!  I received these beauties from Svetlana of for Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap 2
She has researched my likes thoroughly- text fabrics, Suzuko Koseki, linen, hand stitch detail, cross hatch, log's all in there

The little black coffee candy was delicious- never had anything like that, a hard boiled sweet that tastes of black coffee, I loved it!
Look at the tiny squares, cleverly pieced using this technique.   I see a new detail each time I look at it!  I do like a lot of fabrics in a small space.   Everything was beautifully sewn which I always appreciate, it really is a professional piece of work.  My Sashiko supplies now reside in this pouch- you can get a great Sashiko starter  sampler kit here.  A big thankyou to Svetlana for crafting these lovelies x
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  1. Lucky you as you say lots of detail that take these gifts to another level!

  2. A lovely package. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Kerry, I'm so glad you liked the pouch and the goodies. It was so much fun making it for you.

  4. I love that pouch and definitely had an inkling that it might be headed your way. It's absolutely perfect!!!


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