Thursday, 4 August 2011

Farmers Dozen (less one)

Twelve blocks finished, not quite the full Farmer's dozen- the numbers kept changing as I counted my completed pile. The nice thing about this type of quilt-a-long is I can do them when I please so I had a little flurry after a gap.  For the moment, I have abandoned templates and I have just been looking at the blocks and working out the size by eye.  I am lucky, my eyes like this kind of thing and quickly chop things up into squares and rectangles.
Box-Lakehouse Drygoods seed catalogue, Cosmo graph paper, Chloe's Closet check and Suzuko Koseki daisies and red polkas.
When I say do it by eye, I look at the blocks and if I can work out how many squares the block is based on, I can then work out the size of the pieces.  In Snowball- this is a 9 patch block so each square is 2 1/2
 inches before sewing.  For half square triangles, these need to be bigger- I cut 2 7/8 inches squares and then cut them diagonally for the triangles.
Snowball- Alexander Henry Farmdale turquoise, Michael Miller big red polkas, Windham's American vintage close together red polkas and vintage mid spaced polkas!
Half square triangles are easy to cut if you do the maths- or math depending on you where you are in the world. Add 7/8 inch to the finished size of the hst block- the square the two triangles make.  These are 2 inches finished so 2 7/8" to cut out.  
Windows Suzuko Koseki brown doodles, Michael Miller Dick and Jane Sentence structure, Sevenberry yellow floral- if you find this anywhere everyone wants it, me included.
For Postage stamps, the cutting was easy!  I am proud of getting my little squares to behave and line up- I sewed these in rows of 3, blocks of 9 and then put the 4 quarters together.  Seams are nestled-they are pressed in alternate directions for each row- for optimum fit.
Postage Stamps- Lakehouse Drygoods seed catalogue, Suzuko Koseki Red recipe print, Kona school bus, Kona aqua

And a blurry group shot so far- forgot to put the postage stamp one out for this but a shot like this helps to show me which colours are missing and what I need to include more/less of.

Next I am starting on a dress before summer disappears.  Dress making is always a bit of a risk- I can do the sewing bit ( with the exception of zips which will always make me squirm at least a little) but there is often a reality gap between what I like the look of and what actually suits me.  I love the drape and fall of the sort of dresses you find in Japanese pattern books but I tend to look drowned in things like that and possibly like I am in maternity wear, not the best look.  I am having a go at the Lisette Portfolio dress, hmm, I'll show you as I go along- I am prepared for it to look good on the hanger and not on me.  It'll be a learning experience.  Baby Go! is on its way too, or so I have been told...
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  1. I love the little surprise of the strawberry in the box- so clever :)

    I'm really enjoying seeing all these quilt-alongs progress through various blogs we follow. It's amazing just how different the blocks look with different fabric choices and I can't wait to see them all finished!

  2. Love your Farmers!
    Look forward to seeing the dress - summer has well and truly bogged off here today :(

  3. Great blocks Kerry!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your dress it looks like a great pattern!

  4. the FW blocks look great--love your fabrics!

  5. These are just lovely, Kerry! Thanks for the calculation tips -- those are very helpful. And have fun with the dressmaking! The Lisette patterns are very nicely written, so I'm sure it will be enjoyable.

  6. Fabulous blocks - I wish I had your eyes for the FW!

  7. Kerry, your FWQAL will be so uniquely beautiful. I love seeing your blocks all together in that pic. I want to sew a linen shift for my upcoming island holiday...hoping i find the nerve and the requisite time!

  8. Oh wow, your blocks look lovely! I've been eyeballing some and templating some, as I work through in numerical order.

    I have the same clothing issues - I look like a mad frump in drapey loose things, but love them. I am definitely much more of the a-line skirt/shirt dress/simple tee suiting kind of person in reality. I have ambitions of making a Lisette Traveller dress soon. With all that free time I have.

  9. All of your FW blocks are great! I love that there is some red in every block so far - nice link to other blocks! If you could figure out the friendship quilt blocks, FW blocks must be pretty easy for you!

  10. your fwqal blocks are fantastic. my brain cells whir while trying to figure out how and why you choose to put different fabrics together. i love it.


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