Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Thank yous

Thankyou to Megan who sent me this cute recipe storage box, just because she know I love anything with this calories print (see here and scroll down for other examples)
I love the print continuing inside the box!  She wrapped it in Trader Joes brown printed paper and I was pretty excited about that too.  I just know that if I was in USA I would want to shop there although I am sort of guessing it is the sort of place we would all love to shop if only we could afford to buy more than a few things from there!  I already have a couple of recipes inside you can see I've stamped the sections for the stuff I needed to store- scones, and chewy ginger cookies are two recent and successful recipe finds.  Megan was so kind to send this completely out of the blue, I was so touched by her generosity, she leaves me very supportive comments especially when I am a little blue.   Her blog is always a lovely place to visit and she is just getting into paper piecing with wonderful results!
Ingrid is another kind and creative blogger whom I have known for a while now.   We have swapped and sent each other things in the past and share some very similar tastes.  Last week she sent me the most beautiful set of carefully selected treasures.
The crochet heart garland is her own work and now hangs just above my sewing machine along with other treasures and gifty bits. This was the prettiest package to unwrap, full of little paper bits and goodies  that I just love.  In the last few months, Ingrid's life has taken unexpected twists and turns and she has been courageous enough to be open about her experiences and use blogging and her amazing creativity as one way of getting through some very testing times.  She blogs most days and loves to swap and send/receive parcels and postcards. I find her creativity so inspiring and stimulating, I recommend a visit to her blog too!
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  1. How lovely! The recipe box and the little assortment of goodies are such sweet gifts to have good friends :)

    And oh, Trader Joe's. When I lived in California I shopped at Trader Joe's all the time; I still miss their eggless egg salad (better than it sounds) and being able to buy a big cheap bag of artichokes or avocados (their prices are actually very, very good). But I console myself with a great independent grocery store (such a rarity) a block from our current home :) This is making me hungry!

  2. What lovely gifts! I actually cross an international border and drive 70 minutes to shop at Trader Joes every once in a while. It is not expensive at all and they have the most amazing selection of delicious things!

  3. How did I miss this? These are all yummy yummy goodies! The recipe box is to die for! (Megan is so sweet!) The package from Ingrid is a lot of fun too!

  4. The recipe box is so cute!! I love it. And like others have said, TJ's isnt expensive at all. It's actually the cheapest grocery store in my neighborhood!


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