Sunday 31 July 2011

Framed Purse

For Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap 2 on Flickr my partner has expressed a liking for frames.  I haven't done  one before and fancied trying it out.  I bought my frame and glue supplies from Lisa at U-Handbag.
Lisa has full instructions on purses like this including how to draw a pattern.  I took the basic instructions and played around with the shape adding pleats so ultimately lots can be stuffed inside the purse!  I did make a few test shapes up out of odd bits of fabric.  I didn't want to use the grid fabric and make a mess of it, and once glued into a purse frame there is no going back!
The lining is Petit Ecole by French General at Moda. 
There is a stamped little linen birdie tag, and the lace trim which runs round the bottom edge of the purse is  is to add some curves and softness against the geometric lines of the grid.
 My partner's initial is on the other side so I have mysteriously blurred the reverse.
And the log cabins that weren't going anywhere for me have been recycled into a matching coaster- who wouldn't want to hold their purse whilst using a coaster?  Doesn't everyone take a purse to a cafe with their own matching coaster?
On the purse and the coaster there is a sewing side and a home/kitchen domestic side
There are goodies inside and the package is winging its way to a mystery location!
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  1. How lovely! The purse is gorgeous, and I particularly love that little sewing machine in the middle of the coaster.

  2. fabulous little it!

  3. I love this very very much!!

  4. Kerry, this is amazing as always! That patchwork so sweet. And I love the way you combine fabrics. I hope I'm lucky enough to be your partner this round!

  5. I love seeing items you create. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this so much! The grid fabric you made is just the cutest ever. Maybe if I get ambitious enough, I will try it. Sooooooooo lovely! Thanks for the inspiration.


  7. Had I been in this swap, I would have been an excellent partner choice. This is so cute.

  8. Lovely - lucky partner!
    I think taking your own coaster to a cafe would be very civilised!

  9. What a fun little pouch! I always carry my own coaster.

  10. fantastic as always, whoever your partner is will be thrilled I'm sure! i have one of these frames waiting to be made into a purse, really must have a go.

  11. Hi Kerry,

    What a lovely set! And I just cannot believe I haven't realized that earlier: but of course you need to take your own coaster (matching to your pouch!) to cafe, what would be more perfect? When you pay your coffee (from the perfect purse) you have put your coaster to tray already... Ah! :)

    Thank you so much foe this happy post!


  12. It came out beautifully, great choice of fabric for the lining, too. And the log cabins look so cool as coasters. I love the little bit of text fabric on the edge of each coaster-great idea.

  13. I forgot to tell you how much I love this coin purse! I had never seen this cute coin purse! The matching coaster is a great idea too!


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