Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dressing Up

I like to dress up.  I am not talking fancy dress, no thank you.  I am not talking about in the bedroom- I find no clothes are best here.  I mean in my everyday clothes, I like to pretend I am from another time or place. My favourite kitchen apron is vintage, thrifted and full length,  My husband thinks I have a sort of Pioneer look going on, maybe a bit Dr Quinn medicine woman 
I wear maxi skirts a lot.  I don't wear tights/panty hose so they seem a practical solution.  I also don't like showing my legs.  I stride out in a long skirt and boots,  I find the length  liberating and I walk fast so I swish along.
I saw Room with A view at 15, fell in love with Helena Bonham Carter, a romance that continues and has been passed on to my daughter.   Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Getting of Wisdom were also major influences on my clothes wearing aesthetic over the years.
I couldn't keep Lottie under the control of my spoon for long!  I am sure that I just look like any other 40 something woman wandering around town  but in my head I am living in an Edwardian drama, corseted and petticoated and with some worn and battered black lace up boots.
Meanwhile... Farmer's wife blocks.  Both rotary cut, no templates.
21 Contrary Wife: Alexander Henry aqua flowers print Farmdale Blossom, Sweetwater Authentic newsprint in cream and black.  How I wish I had more of this, but just layer cake squares.
2 Autumn Tints: Vintage house print, vintage white/red polka dots, vintage red/green flowers,  Moda Little Apples by Aneela Hoey and Lake House Dry Goods seed catalogue, white on black.
I know there are some text fabric fans out there reading, and some of you already know that Mandy at Simply Solids has some of the Lakehouse seed catalogue fabric in a variety of colours- I do not know any where else in the UK to stock these prints so get them whilst you can!   I was missing black on white and it is on its way to my stash, thank you Mandy, always so fast and helpful and thank you tweeters for sending me the info! 
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  1. Love the apron! And you have such lovely taste in movies and fabric!!

  2. Love your blocks - you have such an eye for fabric combinations. And I'm with you on the dress up. My favorite was pretending I was a pioneer like Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie.

  3. I'm a total text-fabric fanatic. I have 1/2 yard of the black Sweetwater (I thought I had a 1/2 yard of the cream but can't find it--I'll keep looking) and I would totally be interested in doing a little exchange for some scraps of Japanese text fabric.

  4. I cannot see your turquoise kitchen worktop ...
    Perhaps you are Jewish and you have two kitchens?
    Anyway: love the apron!

  5. Oh Betty I wish- this half of the kitchen is yet to be done!

  6. I'm loving the look you have going on with the the apron. I like to do the hoovering in high heels (I rarely wear them out, as I too like to get places fast!) so I can feel glamourous (which I'm really not), when actually I'm doing dull housework. I guess it's dress-up for adults (now that sounds sexual, but y'know what I mean). x

  7. Aaahhhh hahahaha! I think I missed most of the post because I'm still laughing about Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman! You're too funny!

  8. the apron is awesome! i'm a Little House on the Prairie fan, so I'm totally loving it....the ruffle is the best!

    have fun with your FW-ing! they're looking great!

  9. i love the look kerry! and i simply love how your Contrary Wife block matches your parie wife look! i'm also usually in long skirts, swishing along, being a bit edwardian or saxon depending on my mood. and i wear 1950s pinnies to do housework, often wear corsets, and quite regularly dress as a pirate. if i lived closer i'd suggest we met for a themed tea party! :0)

  10. Apron is really useful in cooking. You got nice kitchen worktops in there.


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