Saturday, 9 July 2011

Do what you gotta do

The best bit of the new kitchen looks like this...
Every time I see that big hunk of turquoise Formica worktop I smile.  However, the rest is unfinshed- most of the doors and drawers had dings and faults so one door, no drawer fronts and a lot of waiting for replacements.
Meanwhile, gratuitous photos of fabric.  I tried to resist this but I caved, the white on white is especially pretty and I have just cut into the black for a binding.  Lakehouse Dry Goods, Annie's farm stand, seed catalogue print from Fat Quarter Shop
Tiny cuts of Japanese fabrics, for Farmer's wife blocks I think.
Japanese mini linen cuts, soft and delicate
Suzuko Koseki and Kumiko Fujita, my favourite designers.
I was happy to see how many people enjoyed a bit of calligraphy in my last post and the encouraging comments to try designing a bit of fabric myself.  Once I get past the silly season of end of term (maybe 20 letters/forms from old school and new school this week) parents' meetings, birthdays etc and into a nit of quieter time I will look into it properly.  I do feel like I am going slightly mad.  I have had a bad run of crappy sinus headaches that even my strongest painkillers fail to kill, Lula has cleared her room of 'toys' almost entirely (soon to be her eleventh birthday) and dropping her off at high school for a trial day last week has made me all a bit emotional and my head is a busy obsessional place.  Creatively this can be good, practically my brain is a hard place to be.  It'll pass.
I leave you firstly with a destash pic - all on Folksy (British Etsy style site)- if you don't have a Folksy account I can sell direct, 10% off to blog readers, just let me know and I'll refund discounts via Paypal.
And finally, a bit of Nina Simone, 'Do What You Gotta Do" and an obscure but interesting Japanese Youtube video.  
I find it strangely calming x
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  1. I am in love with your unfinished kitchen already! Beautiful colour.

    PS. Stop trying to make me buy fabric - I keep looking but I must resist your sneaky temptation!

    Hope your head clears soon xx

  2. love your kitchen kerry! it has to be a good feeling to be progressing. I'm so ordering the fabric, but please dish on where you got the japanese prints, they're so fun to look at. :) And the sinus infection stuff - no good, I had one earlier this spring and the headaches were unreal. I didn't know you had children, an eleven year old, gosh, that must mean an interesting level of parenting...

  3. i like your gratuitous photos of fabric! and the countertop is great!! Hope those sinuses feel better soon :)

  4. gorgeous worktop! Loving those lakehouse fabrics too. I have the white on white text, which I cut into for my latest cushion cover yesterday. x

  5. I love your turquoise countertop! We have a couple of Ikea pantry-style cabinets in our kitchen that have opaque turquoise glass doors (discontinued a few years ago), and I just love them (they're really the nicest bits of our otherwise shabby kitchen).

    I would love to know what your sources are for Japanese prints. You use so many that I haven't seen anywhere else! Oh, and I have been eyeing those Lakehouse prints tempting.

  6. What a cheerful new countertop! I'm sure once the kitchen is all in order and school term is up, and you've had a few days rest from the chaos, you'll be right as rain. Hope you lose the headache soon! Love all of your new fabrics, especially text, of course.

  7. you're a girl after my own heart. love the formica :)

  8. Another vote for more info on the lovely japanese fabrics please! :)

  9. Here's hoping you're feeling much better very soon! The kitchen looks fantastic so far, though I'm sure you'll be happy to get your doors and drawer fronts. And I can't believe you got some of the washing instruction - completely jealous!

  10. The turquoise is fabulous!
    I love colour in a kitchen; ours is red (Blazer by FB)
    And I just could not resist the wonderful fabric with the alphabet (and more) on it. Just ordered and just payed.

  11. For those who want to know- Japanese fabric is from a Japanese site all in Japanese though, I confess I did have help with this! But for similar, this Etsy seller has some of the garden print washed linen and some other beauties. I hope that helps

  12. Lovely fabric - especially all those texty goodies! Hope you get your kitchen sorted soon.

  13. These fabrics are gorgeous! Feel better! :)


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