Friday, 29 July 2011

Design Classics

A big thankyou to you all, your support is appreciated so much, it surprises me each time!  I am feeling much, much more positive and ready to bounce back!
It is lovely Lynne's month is Ringo Pie and her theme is Design Classics, the inspiration pic is here.  I had a few ideas for this but I wanted to be able to piece whatever I did so I turned to the mini dress and Mary Quant.  Her book Quant by Quant was in the stacks of my local library.  It is from 1960s so pictures are few and far between but there are still some very strong Quant images inside.
I found the dress I wanted here.  I loved the strong shape and the fact that its original owner had shortened it further.  Pininterest is a great place to store images for a specific project- it works as an online moodboard and the pintool downloads to your computers main tool bar so is available anytime.  I try and use Pininterest sparingly.  It is a little too easy to pin everything, use the inspiration and produce something very derivative and not develop ideas of your own, but it is undeniably useful.  If you are interested you can see my boards here.  You need an 'invitation' to join an it seems Twitter or Facebook account, let me know if you want an invite.  
So this is my block, 12.5 square, Kona white, Kona red, Kona ash and a little Lakehouse Dry Goods seed catalogue print.  It was freezer paper pieced using my usual method: tracing my original graph paper sketch onto the reverse of freezer paper, cutting all the bits out and stitching them all together.  You can click on the pic to see it bigger and in more detail!
The pocket is functional so if you have a tiny hand you can fit it inside.  The piecing worked well- only a small amount of unpicking!  All the blocks have the same Kona white background and those completed so far have a bold, graphic quality with lots of solids- check them out here, here, and here.  Whilst you are there, take a look at Penny's latest masterpiece
This is a Mary Quant Daisy doll from the early 1970s.  Her hand is perhaps the only one that could slip into that pocket!  She was a lucky car boot find from a while ago.  Things like this get snatched up very quickly now.
The attention to detail on the clothing is rather wonderful- the bias trim on the tunic, the same fabric for the bag- delicious details.
Thinking about design classics is an interesting topic to muse on- see where it takes you- what would your design classic be?
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  1. Kerry! So glad to hear you are feeling more positive! I just know a great opportunity will come again :)

    It's funny I had the same idea for my block for Lynne except yours is so much more interesting! I love it!! The button is absolutely perfect for it! Using a button shaped like the icon is incredible!

  2. oh how amazingly cute is that dress, and a little pocket too - brilliant!
    Design classics is such a good theme there's just so many things that would fit. I'm thinking paperclips I just love how simple and effective that design is and quite nice to look at too.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better, like Ayumi said good things will surely come your way again :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! This is wonderful. The pocket, the button detail, the fussy cut words on the sleeves. Really just a magical little dress!

  4. Kerry,
    Your designs never cease to amaze me! I love how simple yet effective this block is. I want to be more like you when I grow up!
    And I too am so happy you are doing better!

  5. I just started using Pinterest because--unlike Flickr--it allows me to group my "favorites" by theme. As a beginning quilter, I'm not too worried about my work being too derivative because it's totally going to be anyway!! And it's frustrating on Flickr when I'm like "I know I saw an awesome green wonky star block, where WAS that??" and have to skim through all my favorites for ages to find it.

    Anyway, your Quant dress block is adorable, I really like the red text fabric outlining the red dress!

  6. It's so perfect! I love everything you make - that red text fabric is genius as the trim!

  7. This is an amazing block. Your design ideas never fail to completely blow me away!

  8. I ran across your block on Flickr while searching for guild BOM ideas, and I have to say your bee block is fabulous!!! I absolutely love, love, love this red dress!!! I enjoyed browsing all the links you've shared in this post and reading about the Ringo Pie bee. What a talented group!!! I admire the thought that you put into this block. I am sure Lynne will love and appreciate it as well.

  9. oh my goodness gracious me - from the book from the library to the cute dress your found to the Lakehouse prints and the bright red fabric and the slight swing in the dress and the USEABLE POCKET - this is just completely totally and utterly fabulous - thank you so much!

  10. OMG... you've done it again! transported me back to childhood with the Daisy doll - I had one of these and had forgotten completely until this jogged it out of my dusty attic of a memory! and I love your block - really beautiful.


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