Sunday, 17 July 2011

Just returned from the briefest weekend away.  Living in Devon means that lovely beaches are a only short drive.  We visit Challaborough Bay each year and Bigbury Bay/ Burgh Island are only half a miles walk from the holiday park.  The weather was on our side on Saturday afternoon. At 3ish the beach looked like this
and by 6.30 the tide creeps round either side of the island and meets over the sandy causeway.  It was very windy but the sea was just about warm enough to swim in, body board and jump the waves.
Not so warm or dry today, I'll leave you with pics

and a song I cannot get out of my head, Ben Howard's 'Old Pine'.  It really kicks in after a minute and twenty seconds so hang on in there. He is a Devon musician and his trajectory is on the up at the moment.  
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  1. That so reminds me of the movie 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' with the water closing in on the of my favourite childhood films. Have a lovely holiday!

  2. Did you go beach combing? It looks lovely and bracing!

  3. Bigbury and Burgh Island brings so many memories, of my childhood and my boys childhood. We went to Burgh Island before they restored it.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. super super jealous of your close proximity to the beach! the ocean is hundreds and hundreds of miles away for me. i am so glad you had a great visit to the beach though.

  5. I'm always at peace when I'm at the beach. The video/music was awesome. I'm checking iTunes for him right now...

  6. What a beautiful beach you have in Devon. No wonder you have so much inspiration around you to be creative at sewing! I looked up where Devon is located just now - didn't know it was in the very Southern part of England! Just so beautiful!
    And the song is great :)


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