Monday, 3 May 2010

Sewing Space

As I am sewing furiously to finish the Nest quilt I thought I would put a post up about my sewing space.  I did sew at the kitchen table which meant taking the machine up and down every time I wanted to sew so I moved into the back room.  This room is where I do my office work,  piano and where Lula plays piano and we all use the computer.  It is a busy room but cozy and bright when the sun is shining and next to the kitchen so not far to go for a cup of tea.

This is neat for me and tidied for the photo.  I'm not messy exactly, but I spread my stuff out whatever I am doing so every surface is quickly filled.  I am always envious of those white and tidy work spaces I see on other crafter's blogs and websites.  Lots of gaps around the inspirational objects, everything has space to breathe.   I know I am never going to achieve that.  I live in a small house with pressure on space so my work areas will always over flow.  If I'm really into a project I just clear what is necessary and work away in the piles of thread and scissors.

The sewing machine is on a breadboard as beneath it lies a large whole where a Singer treadle used to sit.  The house is a Cath Kidston sewing box and a personal favourite.

Radio is essential, as is tea.

The sewing cabinet is a beauty and was a great find in Steptoes. I found it on the day I went looking for a sewing table and could not believe my luck.  My work space is a happy place.


  1. Aww wish I could join you in your happy sewing room. Oh and I so love your red polka dot mug.

  2. wow! do i want one of those fancy treadle tables! i've a few vintage singers lurking around the place (8 is only a few isn't it?). including a wooden treadle that i use as a hallway table. but this, this is awesome!

  3. I have to restrain myself if I see any sewing machine or machine table/combos especially if they are bargains- love a bargain- as I dont' know where I could put anything else!

  4. Hi Kerry!

    What a sweet,wonderful spot to design and create. I would like to set a cot in there and cozy up with tea and a warm,fluffy quilt. It is lovely. Hope you and yours are well .
    Wishing you well,
    Elise xo


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