Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I am going to try Japanese clothes patterns as my next immediate project.  I have made a lot of clothes before and pattern adaptation and blocking but these are something new and need a bit of decoding work.  I have a favourite which I am going to make as a toile first just to check on fit.

I have been so tempted by all the discussion and photos on Flickr and blogs by Anna Maira Horner's new cotton voile Little Folks prints.  They are still hard to get in the UK but Saints and Pinners who are also based in Devon, are stocking some and have kindly sent 7 samples.

Last year Heather Ross's Far and Away fabric line seemed to be the big summer hit, I succumbed to that and I think I will have to yield to this as well.

I am thinking of Diamond Mine sky for the main body of the top and 4 square in Berry for the bias trim. Which is your favourite?


  1. Hi Kerry
    I'm a new reader of your blog
    Thanks for the link to Saints and Pinners - I too have been looking for AMH's voile
    I'm interested in following your adventures with Japanese patterns!! these books seem to be all over blogland at the moment but they are rather expensive to buy on a whim


  2. Hi from San Francisco! I love the Pochée magazines, too, and am fortunate to have access to a Kinokuniya bookstore nearby. I am just finishing up this same tunic in a lightweight Japanese cotton duckcloth that is very soft and has a nice drape. Turning out very nicely! Enough shaping to avoid the huge tent effect.

    You seem to have deciphered the pattern reading well, too. Sounds like you've done lots of internet searching already. Here are two of my favorites sites: Make Something (http://makesomething.ca/), a blog from a Toronto fabric/sewing workshop owner who also loves Japanese patterns and has made a bunch. See the Japanese Dress Books button for the full gallery. She made a top out of the AMH's voile and found the lightweight drape really works well in these styles. Japan Couture Addicts is a French site showcasing lots of folks' creations using Japanese pattern books. Helpful for seeing if a particular pattern really works on your body type. This Pochée is #189 and several of this model can be found there.

    Looking forward to seeing your final creations!

  3. Hi Lark, I tried to reply but there is no email link in your profile. Thank you for the great links. It is encouraging to see another AMH voile top and see that it works! I have seen Japan Couture Addicts before but missed the translation button- now I can see what I was missing, particularly helpful for translation. I'd love to see a pic when you finish your tunic. I have nearly finished drafting the pattern, way to go yet...x


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