Monday, 31 May 2010

modern swappers-want to join?

Want to be in a swap?  

Found this great group on Flickr- today is the last day to join.  

You have 3 months to prepare a swap including- sommodern fabric, a handmade item and something to decorate your sewing space.  
All details are on the Flickr link, look for Allie's details


  1. It's a great idea Kerry but, sadly, I think there will be lots of American members. Postage to America is absolutely horrendous! I did a swap on Ravelry last year and ended up paying £35 postage and a £14 customs charge when I received my parcel. Never again! Lynda xx

  2. You can state if you don't want international postage, which I think I might have to do looking at your advice!


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