Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lovely Linens

Flying fresh out of the machine, todays collection of odd bits and bobs from the carboot, vintage unused linen tea towels and a couple of great cotton prints

Lovely linen thread bobbin with some lace ready for the front of the Pochee bag, great label

And a lovely linen bag ready to take to London, I am visiting the Quilt exhibition at the V&A on Wednesday, can't wait

Nearly broke my hands and my little sewing machine sewing through the interfacing and the layers but I'm pleased with the end result

The strap was removed from an old bag, slider and  rectangle ring from another and key clip (inside) from another

A bit of surprise lining and lots of pockets, nice.


  1. Beautiful work! Enjoy your trip to London! Love, Amanda xxx

  2. Wow, such fast comments, thank you both!!

  3. Oh my your bag is fantastic. I love the lining and the trim finishes it off perfectly. Cheers!


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