Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pochee Waistcoat


I had no idea how hard it is to photograph yourself in a mirror.  All our mirror are car boot treasures with many imperfections.  When I cleaned them they looked smeary and it took me a while to work out - turn the flash off duh!  I did have doubts making a waistcoat, it is a borderline style item but I hope I'm on the right side of it.  My mum liked it and she is  a critical judge!  It was great to make an easy item just to get to grips with the instruction style.  I did make a toile (a faff but always worth doing before you cut into the good stuff) and it was massive so I took it in about 2 inched each side and altered the pattern.  This is made in a linen blend byFrench General for Moda - dream to sew with unlike 100% linen.

For the neck and armholes, I cut my own bias binding from an old Liberty skirt.  It is far easier to pin the fabric out flat, draw the diagonal lines for the binding using a graders square (big pattern cutters set square- invaluable tool) and a pencil and cut out with scissors than to use a quilting rule and a rotary cutter as the bias distorts so easily.

Thank you to commenter Lark who posted a great website ref  Japan Couture Addicts with lots of pics of Pochee and other Japanese pattern books and mags that other folks have made, handy for seeing if it will suit your size and shape.  There are also lots of translation lists and other helpful tips.  


  1. hey, well done on the waistcoat - it looks really good on you!

  2. Hi Kerry
    The waistcoat looks lovely! Was good to meet you the other day :)


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