Sunday, 23 May 2010

Carboot- lacey

Weather has been so beautiful so I just knew the car boot would be good and I wasn't disappointed.  I managed to find lots of lacy finds.  A beautiful scalloped edged table cloth which is destined to become a petticoat or top in the Pochee style- I am a bit obsessed by this mag at the moment.

Another lacy linen thing- macassar maybe?

Both only 50p each!  Bargain.  Then a bag of lace

Right at the end I found someone who had cleared her shop out, ribbon and Kaffe Fassett turquoise striped organic cotton, fantastic!

Last weekend picking were fewer but I did get some cute tins

Poodle tin now has pins in and the pastille tin is now a bedroom ( made by Lula, she asked me to point out it is not yet finished)- inspired by Hesta (see her lovely ones at Folksy)

And finally cruets

One is now a needle holder and the lidded apple will become a pin cushion.

Don't be fooled,  I know this looks groovy and fortuitous but most weeks I come away with very little or plain old tat!

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