Thursday, 29 December 2011


Christmas was lovely.  Yesterday was very long, 450 miles on the train up and down the country to my Grandad's funeral.  A long and sad day but a funeral shouldn't really be anything else.  I don't like to dwell, I won't be posting all my makes of the year or anything like that.  I like to see these elsewhere but generally when I have made something I like to move on to the next project, get the creative buzz from figuring out how I am going to make the new idea.  This is handy, it makes it easy to pass on bee blocks, swaps and presents, I don't like to look back only forwards.
This pillow was for my sister.  Aneela's wonderful Walk in the Woods fabrics and a few others!
These fabrics are on sale in the Spring.  But just in case you still pine for a little Christmas, look at her festive fabrics for next year.  
Concealed zip, I don't do my pillows any other way now.
The back is simple parallel quilting and the main print is a Cosmo Cricket fabric given to me by Anna ages ago.  It matched perfectly.
There are some texty treats scattered around to make my sister laugh and my nephew too.  We have a puerile sense of humour but it can't be helped.
Now, Bee blocks to I trot
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  1. Sorry to hear about your grandad :-( Stunning cushion, as always. I love those fabrics! I love the fairytale/nursery rhyme fabrics. I've got a few of the Kokka ones but haven't decided what to do with them yet.

    Oh and Happy New Year x

  2. I love the theme of your post about looking forwards. The pillow is gorgeous and the zipper looks perfect. Is there an easy online tutorial anywhere for this - I have just made my first pillows and only managed an envelope back

  3. Gorgeous cushion Kerry! I love the fun little fussy cut details, they make the gift even more personal.
    Good on you for not dwelling, I enjoy a little dwell every now and then but moving on is so much better.
    Here's to moving onwards and upwards and a wonderful creative new year! X

  4. Sorry to hear of your sad loss.
    Beautiful cushion
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Such a lovely pillow! Aneela's new line matches so well with the woody fabric! Loving the words scattered around!

  6. So sorry to hear of the loss of your Grandad. Always difficult at any time of year. Thinking of you ~

  7. The pillow is wonderful, I love those bits of text! And thank you for the tutorial link, it is time to give those invisible zippers a try! So sorry to hear of your loss, I had read your earlier post too.

  8. Love the wonky log cabin cushion, very cool

  9. I feel very similarly about moving forward. I enjoy the challenge and the process and I don't care very much where the end product goes more often than not. I do like to have pictures to save though if I send things away :)

  10. Hehehehe! Very cute cushion. Love this collection. Thanks for the zipper tutorial link, I want to try it!
    Big hugs x


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