Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Catch up

A few quick things to do!  Will from Abakhans asked me to do a little post for their website nes sections so I chose a quick round up of tutorials and makes suitable for Christmas and gift giving- take a look here, you may see a few contributors you recognise.  Maybe you fancy a bit of paper piecing with your gifts?  Candy Cane pattern on sale here
Candy Cane Love Paper Pieced Pattern
Winter woolies pattern on sale here- this is the easiest of the two!
Winter Woolies PDF Pattern
A thankyou to Nova who sent me the most lovely pinnie for testing her pattern.  She really didn't need to but I am very glad she did.  All the textural detail makes it very Nova and very nice.  You can still win her pattern, click here and enter before Friday 9th Dec

And a thankyou to Tanya who blogs at  Craft Couture.  She makes some very cute things over there and nominated me for a Versatile blogger award.  So my way of passing this on is to take you to some websites you may not have seen x
sib blog


  1. I think I've finally found the perfect reason to get the hat and mitts pattern, so off to stock up on that, but I have to thank you for the links, the Santa Venn Diagram was hilarious!

  2. I will be back to follow those links after I have actually got off my arse this evening and made something instead of just reading blogs!!
    Need to make those candy canes soon xxx

  3. Thanks for the links! I loved Sad Patterns & Vintage Traveller and have become a follower on their sites. Never would have found them without your links. Carmen @

  4. All Projects are really lovely and made with great care for details. Wonderful!


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