Monday, 19 December 2011


The kindness and support of my blog friends never ceases to amaze me, such a supportive community.  Thankyou for all your kind and thoughtful comments.  It is really hard to think of what to say when someone has died but you were all so open and generous with your words and thoughts.  
 I have had a really quiet weekend.  Damian and Lula were away visiting his family on a speedy Christmas visit and though I miss them and look forward to hugging both of them later today, when I have stuff to deal with I need a lot of time on my own so it worked out well and I feel better for my weekend of dog and cats cuddling on top of me and a quilt, Skype, blog reading, visits, tea and sewing  Like many of you I have been sewing furiously and making slow progress.

 I should get there by midnight 24th December.  I can show this gift as it has been given, a little purse for Maria my pilates/zumba instructor.I used a Keyka Lou pattern, Pocket Clutch.  I have used a few of her patterns before and they are so clear to follow and quick to make.  This is my favourite shape, I like the tab closure (magnet underneath) and the storage inside.  Michelle is retiring some of her patterns and selling them at $3 (approx £2) for limited time only- such a bargain- check out her shop.

Maria is Spanish and is still learning English so I thought it would be fun to use text fabrics based on travel and home.  She is a great teacher, fun and giving.  I go to three of her classes each week, Zumba is Friday early evening and she always leaves me with a happy feeling to start the weekend.

I am making one of these for Lula next (Shhh! Don't tell her) in black prints, and eventually I might make one for me. I used the Vilene VH640 fusible fleece again- possibly the most useful product in the world!  Julia at Gone to Earth sent me a length and it has been perfect for little purses and pouches. I prefer this thicker loft over the 630, it handles like a dream and adheres even with my little travel iron.  The key is a damp cloth, I use a baby muslin.

The red fabric is from Sweetwater's Hometown collection, the travel linen/cotton print was from The Hey Day shop.  Katie has a little left in the shop.  The black/cream dots came courtesy of Lynne who sent me a surprise bundle of scraps in with some fabric I needed, what a sweetie x
I am just preparing a little tutorial and a print out for you all ; a pillow based on a traditional friendship block using foundation piecing.

 I would like to say it is a fast make for your gift list but in reality, even with short cuts it took me ages, it is for my mum so that makes it OK!  I am just waiting for a zip to arrive and then I'll post the 'how to make stuff'.  If you haven't  done foundation piecing before it is a good little block to start with x
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  1. I love fusible fleece. Just had to throw that in there. Isn't it a great invention? Your clutch looks great. I don't have that pattern yet and I should get it soon. I recently bought two of her patterns and haven't gotten to one of them yet so I should do that first.
    The friendship block pillow is great. No precise sewing goes quickly but the results are worth the time!

  2. Your purse looks great! I couldn't resist following your link to Keyka Lou and have bought 3 patterns! Hoping that they're as easy as they look :-)

  3. Glad you are baring up x
    Super purse and cushion cover - worth the effort x

  4. Love the purse, the choice of fabrics is wonderful! Take care x

  5. Aww, glad you got some time for yourself to sort your thoughts out a bit, and your makes are lovely. I know just what you mean about things looking simple and taking forever, all I can say is, I hope my gran likes her cushions lol

  6. The purse is very cute and I love that fabric - very thoughtful :) Your weekend sounds nice, glad you got to take it easy a bit x

  7. Hugs and wishes for peaceful days. So glad you had some quiet time and be sure to get some more too as you need it. My Gram passed suddenly about four weeks ago and she wasn't ill so my heart and comforting thoughts are with you. Celebrate the good memories and allow yourself "space" and the passing of tears.

    The purse is absolutely adorable and what a thoughtful gift. I especially like the fabrics you chose for her.


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