Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thank yous and Giving

I was very lucky and won a  giveaway recently.  It was from Kat at Zakka Inspired and was full of Kawai cuteness
My daughter almost had a cuteness overload seeing these- a bag is coming her way out of these fabrics.  The little crochet on the top is the most lovely key keeper made by Kat.  A big thank you to Kat for these lovely goodies!  I have followed her blog for a while, she has lovely tutes and is a talented crafter.  She is offering items from her shop with all sales proceeds going to the Red Cross to support Japan relief efforts.  I have bought from her shop before and you won't be disappointed.  

More fund raising at Pink Penguin
Giveaway on my blog
"He who obtains has little,  He who scatters has much," Lao-Tzu
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  1. What a yummy giveaway you won! It looks like it's a full of fun stuff in there!
    Thank you Kerry for spreading the word about my giveaway!


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