Monday, 14 March 2011


There is something restorative about baking.  Or maybe that's just the sugar and carbs when you eat it, but either way it soothes.

It is my mum's birthday today.  Instead of cake I am taking biscuits, bourbon biscuits from a very handy book called Baking Magic by Kate Shirazi.  I have used lots of recipes from  this book, mainly cake based as that is the way I roll and that is where my baking talents are best.  The first biscuit recipe I tried from it was a total disaster.
Yes those are my efforts on the left, the nobbly ginger cookies that were not even edible.  Biscuits often go wrong for me but this Bourbon Biscuit recipe appears to be foolproof.  Easy to mix and easy to roll out. 

The result is dark, crisp, crunchy luxury bourbons.  Happy Birthday Mum!

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Thank you for the kind response on my last post, there is not much more I can say about the situation in Japan, the news is so severe.


  1. i think your cookies are just missing the ribbon. that is why theirs look so good. they have that beautiful brown ribbon around them!

  2. nice cookies..
    happy birthday.. thank you for existing..
    i love your blog and all things that you made..
    i´m starting on patchwork..
    and i cook too:

  3. Ooooh they look yummy
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. I have that book and it's my baking bible at the moment. Those Bourbon's look yummy and most definitely CupOfTea worthy.

  5. It might sound silly but I didn't even think you could make bourbons, these look soo worth the effort (and calories).

  6. Julie and Anne-Marie, yummy and so worth the calories!

  7. They look absolutely ummy. Hope your Mum had a lovely Birthday and enjoyed those biscuits.


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