Saturday, 12 March 2011

My heart is not in a usual crafty blog post today.  The events in Japan have been so severe and the scale of the earthquake beyond anything I can imagine.  

Some people are Anglophiles or Francophiles, well I am whatever the Japanesophile thing is- Japanese styles and tastes are a big influence on me and seeing a country so well prepared and yet hit so, so hard is difficult to say the least.
  I am not religious but Japan, my thoughts are with you.
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  1. It's absolutely heart-wrenching. My nephew is married to a Japanese woman, and her family is OK. I have 4 Japanese, American, now, women in my Tai Chi class. I'll find out on Tuesday if their families are affected.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Kerry. Heartbreaking devastation is an understatement. I made a donation to Direct Relief International yesterday. I don't think it is super well known but is an outstanding non-profit with the highest ranking by Charity Navigator. The Red Cross is great too. It's about all most of us can do right now... make donations to quality organizations who know how to help and are ready to do so!

    So much seems so trivial on a day like today.

  3. I have no particular connection with Japan but, nonetheless, I, too, am heartbroken by their devastating loss of life, home and security. How can we not be polarized by their plight at this time?

  4. This is a wonderful post, Kerry! I have a dear friend in Japan, too, and although she is fortunately safe, my heart goes out to the others suffering there.

    Wishing for a happier, new week!


  5. A very sad event. The tragedy is astronomical- its really hard to even conceive of. I feel for them too. Such a nice culture and tradition. The people are so nice.

  6. So true, Kerry. Events like this really put things in perspective. My worries are so small and my blessings are so great. After spending some time in Japan as an exchange student, I consider myself very much influenced by Japanese design and sensibility and I cannot help but grieve for such a beautiful people, beautiful country and beautiful culture. My heart just weeps.


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