Sunday, 20 March 2011


Up early for the carboot sale as usual.  Made a sweet dough for Cinnamon buns before I left the house, recipe courtesy of Megan.  We did a swap recently and she sent me this recipe, amongst other very lovely things.  I'll share more when my parcel to her arrives, but for the moment, just the baking.
I have never made so much dough and so many buns.  Cinnamon and brown sugar...  
and cinnamon, raisin and brown sugar.  I took these to share with Kathy and James, friends round the corner, we had coffee and buns, wow it was a great recipe.  Kathy is from USA and these reminded her of home.
Our dogs played, Lula organised playmobil and we chatted and ate and drank.  They had great finds at the carboot this morning, we squeezed three adults a G plan coffee table, G plan cupboard, a 2 shelf bookcase, a box of plates, bowls and cups, and  there was still room for my finds as well in the car.
Great aprons, I will keep one and the rest will go on sale in my Etsy shop, eventually.  I need to have them just a little while.  I loved the print on this tea towel,
and this apron.
and now even my scraps, threads and tissues have a pretty bin.
And these, although the pieces are small, were the best find.
Tomorrow work, worries, rushing around, but there is still some Sunday left x Enjoy.
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  1. My Mum & Dad used to have a bin just like the one you got a the boot sale today. It's so odd seeing something so familiar but from such a long time ago. Enjoy your finds!

  2. Those buns look yummy. Great car boot finds too!

  3. Yummy! All of it! Could I ask you to explain for us Americans, what exactly is a carboot sale? We embrace that a "boot" is to us a "trunk" and so the car bit makes sense, but are they actually from the "boot" of a car? We have yard sales and garage sales. I want them to be the same, but I have delicious images of an entire row of cars with their trunks open. Or would that be "boots up"?

  4. Lovely finds, Kerry! I would love to find the birdie-bin like that one day, and oh, the fabrics are just adorable. A great Sunday (plus the buns = perfect!) you had!

    Happiest new week!


  5. darn those cinnamon buns are making me drool..yummm

  6. Just wanted to say a big thank you for adding our shop to your links. I could not comment on that page so I went browsing. Your work, your blog and your baking look beautiful. I had to comment on this one as cinnamon buns are my weakness and those ones look superb. Thank you!

  7. Hi Helen, my baking is not always so good! I bought from your stall at Westpoints quilt show and thought your webshop was good too!


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