Friday, 7 January 2011


A bit of new year fabric eye candy...
Kona Snow, School Bus, Celery and Aqua
I am stocking up on solids and those big blocks of colour feel almost cleansing.  From Mandy at Simply Solids (UK online)- 20% discount going until 11th Jan.  I have just discovered the delights of Essex linen,  yes I know I am late to the party,  t'was ever so, but it is being added to this stack along with Kona banana.  There is more than a hint of beach in this stack, I think I just need some sun!  Yellow is going to be a key colour for me this year.  The stack reminds me of this vintage buy from a few months ago...H is for Holiday

I know it is part of being creative to be obssessive, but sometimes my head is a very strange place to be.  I keep it hidden, my public face is capable, organised, can do, a grown up- scratch underneath and I can't stop thinking about a colour, a design, a food, and lately a song.  Music is a big part of my life, partly my day job and a big emotional driver for me.  When I sew I have the radio on but it is mainly spoken word, even sport radio which is ironic as pilates and dog walking is my idea of sport.  I know all sorts of surprise details about the transfer window in football, why Australia lost the Ashes etc.  I don't listen to music much because I need immersion for that.  So, I listen with my ipod in the bath- a little unsafe but I like to live life on the edge.  I've mentioned the Villagers before, since I saw them live one song has ruled, '27 Strangers'
This did strange things to me  hearing it live and makes my head whirl with pictures.  I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this, over and over again. I have a whole mini quilt sketched out- quick cursory glance at the fastest preliminary sketch.
This needs more work, rearranging but it is enough to remind me what to do.  I have drawn all my life but pencils, charcoal, paint never quite worked through all my artistic endeavors.  I have found the medium in fabric- don't what to do with the results, there is only so much wall space but there is no choice, I am compelled to make this and others like it inspired by music and poetry otherwise my head will burst.  Glad to get that out...
Enough crazy talk, a big welcome to a new followers following my single binding tutorial- so glad to help, my teacher mode breaks out in tutorials!  And a huge thank you to Quiltstory who featured my quilt for Lula- have a little look over here and take a look at the other quilts featured.
Meanwhile, some homework for you... whilst listening to my ipod I scrolled down and started on a sewing theme, often bad puns involved.  What follows reflects my musical tastes, my age and my sense of houmour.
'Corduroy', Pearl Jam
'Tapestry', Carol King
'Reel around the Fountain',  The Smiths
'Pieces',  Villagers
 and suggested in comments by 'Neumaisse''Coat of Many Colours' Dolly Parton
and 'Fancy', Reba McIntire
If you think of something, leave me a comment- you know it'll make me laugh!
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  1. Loving the Kona Solids! I too have just stocked upon a few (huhum) solids from Mandy whilst they were on offer. The banana is gorgeous I used it to bind the lap quilt I made my Nan for Xmas, its so creamy and yellowy.

  2. I bought some kona solids from Mandy on December 31st including School Bus. It really shouted to me. Can't wait for the order to arrive. I've signed up for a fabric diet so I'm trying to be really good and buy no more fabric - just use stuff in my stash.

  3. Have you heard White Winter Hymnal by the Fleet Foxes - that haunted me for weeks! Glad you're all shopping in THE ONLY PLACE TO SHOP! X

  4. "Coat of Many Colors"-Dolly Parton
    "Fancy"-Reba McIntire (I don't know who did it originally, and seeing as it's about her sewing a dress so she can "hire out" her daughter it may not be very appropriate! LOL!)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your quilt with us!! Those solids looks so gorgeous together! Love!

  6. those colors scream january to me!

    we all need a little bright and cheery this time of year. at least i do... cover in a foot of snow. yuck!


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